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PatriArticle 1
U N I V E R S A L    R E S P E C T
Every soul, object and attribute of Creation
in all dimensions of our expanding sacred Universe,
form the body and personality of the Great God Holy Spirit.
An awareness of Who the Holy Spirit actually is, that we, and all things are integral parts; will help clarify theological perspective and the workings of Eternal attributes (laws). This in valuable as we navigate through many lives and dimensions. From a day to day statndpoint, there are many angelic acts, spirits of truth and light, and miracles, etc; touching mankind's awareness and affairs, that we assume are directly instigated by the Holy Spirit. Such enlightenments and miracles are sourced in the Holy Spirit only because those who administered them, our guardian angels and higher divine beings are also, all integral and harmonious parts of the Great God, Holy Spirit.

Every soul and thus all Creation of each dimension is the tabernacle of the Most Holy Great God, or in other words our great living personable Universe. We respect our planet and all life as a holy trust and esteem every human being: young, old, foreign, domestic, friend, or foe; as an entity of the Great God, having the right to life, liberty, and stewardship. We also regard any tresspass on rightful stewardship without Divine aprobation, to be a violation of Eternal Attribute and thus immoral.

"...yea, mankind is the tabernacle of the Great God..." (BOE Sec.93:35) Here in the Bible of Ephraim, the greater third member of the Trinity is being referred to, obviously God the Father and Lord Yeshua have their own body tabernacles. The scriptures do not always deliniate which God is being referenced. They are all ONE in heart and mind and interconnectedness, so making distinctions is not usually of great concern.

Since all mankind is the tabernacle of the Great God, even the Holy Spirit, we are all part of the One God that verily is all things and is all Creation and Who brings all things to our rememberance: "...He comprehendeth all things, all things are before Him, and all things are round about Him, and He is above all things, and in all things, and is through all things, and is round about all things, and all things are by Him, and of Him, even the Great God, forever and ever." (BOE Sec.88:41)

To put it simply, the Universe is the One complete Super Person, and we as human beings help compose His-Her body, experiences, memories and wisdom. We are given free will yet we are an integral parts of the Great Spirit.

It may be recalled from scripture that the Godhead consists of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is singled out as the one God that if sinned against, there is no forgiveness. This significant feature about this God has been exploited over the centuries. Man has attempted to identify which trangression or set or class of sins constitute sinning against the Holy Spirit. Some have stated 'murder' or the shedding of innocent blood. However all this, while having some similitude of truth, is off the mark. It deflects people from having a sufficient understanding. It is contradictory, because the scriptures say that all sin can be repented of. The truth of the matter is solved in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is the Great God Universe that comprehends all things, all principles and all eternal attributes (or laws, if you must.). The truth of this matter ties in with an understanding of the Atonement of Messiah. Because of the blurring of this subject of sinning against the Holy Spirit, the Atonement has always been a little difficult to understand by those asking the why and wherefores.

One attribute of the Great God is 'karma' or 'judgement' depending on word preference. The nature of karma is that when eternal principles or attributes are honored, desireable things result and when eternal principles or attributes are tresspassed, unwanted consequences result. These results do not always happen immediateley but there are cycles for times of reckoning that effect all of us sooner or later. The point is that the Great God brings "all things to your remembrance", that is vernacular for; the debts or rewards we have earned by our actions and intents will without doubt or failure come home to roost. When we understand this nature of the Great God, which is the nature that we are immersed in and a part of, we can better comprehend the need for a Messiah and a respect for our every deliberate intent and action.

According to the unwavering attributes (laws) of the Universe, when we chose to separate from our eternal home which was a dimension of glory or eternal life, and enter this estate of death, negativity and corruption, the fate of our spirit becomes locked to the fate of the realm we entered and mankind becames tarnished with corruption and thus unacceptable to return to any dimension of incorruption and total positivity. Recall Holy Writ states that no unclean thing can enter the pressence of God. This is a way of saying, nothing from realms of corruptibility/negativity can enter realms of incorruptibility. It is not a simple matter to return from exposure to death, corruption and tresspass of unwavering principles to immortal dimenisions. If left in this estate without a means of return, after the body passes away the spirit would still be blemished with corruptibility and incapable of returning to glory. The spirit would therefore also be subject to incremental destructibility and eventually loose light and knowledge until it deteriorated to nothingness. The essence of this scenario is that the Great God bestows eventual destruction on any life form that rebells against ONEness by entering the realms of corruptibility.

Messiah, as a sinless God who understands the mechanics of eternal principles. He offered to absorbe the pain of the eternal punishment in behalf of all who would call upon His name and worship His true path of respect for eternal principles. He was capable and willing to satisfy the demands of eternal justice thereby making a way by which we could reap the wisdom of experiencing mortality and still escape the worst effects of having rebelled against incorruptibility.

It is part of the work and glory of Father in Heaven to teach mankind the workings, principles and attributes of the Great Spirit so that we can navigate our existance in the eternal realms of glory without unwanted consequences. With the willing assistance of our elder brother Yeshua, Father is able to conduct mankind into the realms of death and destructions to accelerate our learning experiences and hasten our ability to live free of condemnation and entrapment (damnation) in a realm of glory appropriate to the intelligence we have acquired.

The down side of entering this mortal existence is that we loose almost all comprehension of the Great Spirit and that we are an integral part of the Universe, and all life is sacred. We think we are separate and in many cases we deny that we will ever be required to answer the demands of justice for having existed in a realm of negativity and death. Many don't realize they are in need of a friend from the incorruptible side of the equation. Nevertheless, for those who do sense that we are all connected and accountible for our behavior and incapable of saving ourselves, it becomes incumbent upon us to practice giving all life, as vessels of the Holy Spirit, due respect. The very act of rendering sincere respect for all life raises our vibration and helps convince the Universe that we are truly united with Messiah.

Likewise a total disrespect for life and the shedding of innocent blood without any remorse, repentance and the shedding of the blood of the perpitrator, demonstrates to the Great God total lack of respect for all life. In such a circumstance it becomes difficult for such a perpitrator to merit saving grace.

Every soul and thus all Creation of each dimension is the tabernacle of the Most Holy Great God, or in other words our great living personable Universe. We respect our planet and all life as a holy trust and esteem every human being: young, old, foreign, domestic, friend, or foe; as an entity of the Great Spirit, having the right to life, liberty, and stewardship.

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