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PatriArticle 2
U N I V E R S A L     A T R I B U T E S
The cardinal, unwavering and all pervasive character attributes
of our dynamic intelligent Universe, by which we may thrive or digress, are:
stewardship, prosperity, karma, intent, balance,
attraction, association, allowance and abundance.
That all life is inextricably immersed in and affectd by identifiable governing attributes, or 'laws' as many people refer to them, offers a starting point to begin understanding the nature of the Universe, Who is the third member of the Divine Trinity.

There is a great deal of literature and lecturing on the subjects of the so called laws of the Universe, especially that of Attraction. One can also find a lot about scientific laws such as physics, chemistry, math and etc. Indeed there are 'eternal laws' that govern each dimension. In some cases however it does not seem appropriate to us the word 'law' to discribe unwavering universal phenomena that permiates all dimensions of glory. The word 'law' has the connotation of some huge impersonal machine at work. The Universe cannot be a machine for the simple reason that Father in Heaven is both a creation of the Universe and a reflection of IT. As we look at God we see the Universe, and gods are not machines. The creation cannot be greater than the Creator. God is an emulation of His race. The Order of Yehovah is an emulation of the Universe.

The reality is that the Universe is a person. It is the only PERSON. Gods and humans are integral parts as personality entities bestowed with free will. It is rather ironic, the free will installation allows humans to conveniently deny anything they choose. Setting such ignorance aside for now, lets continue describing everyone's benefactor, the Great God Holy Spirit that the scriptures also refer to as the Light of Christ.

The Universe is not a machine that grinds away with all these consistent phenomena. Well it is true the phenomena is consistant, but not due to some humongus machine. The Universe has determined by choice the most appropriate behavior and consistently replays the same choices when under identical circumstances. That is not to say the Universe is not expanding and will embark on new horizons. We observe these dependable actions and responses and call them laws. They are not laws, they are character Attributes.

The Gods Who dress the planets with communities of Their offspring and tend the galaxies as precious gardens, also emulate all the character Attributes of the Great Spirit, so that as we come to know Father Yehovah and Lord Yeshua, we begin to get a glimpse of the true nature of the Great God, the Benefactor of all.

The following are nine very significant eternal attributes of the Great Spirit. These Attributes are so perfect, so magnanimous, so sacred that every one of them and others unnamed are replicated in the characters of and emulated by the race of our Gods and are to be identified as qualities all people can incorporate. These quality Attributes when observed in saints and through the revealed words and actions of our Father in Heaven, provide a means of getting to know the third member of the Godhead, the Great Spirit.

Stewardship - Careful attentiveness and consciousness of agreements, creations and responsibilities. Optimizing the usefulness of all things. A study of Nature reveals that the Great Spirit chooses this attribute by recycling all things and using all material for optimum utility. Father in Heaven emulates perfect stewardship attentiveness and therefore chooses to never let anyone He has created become neglected in the eternal scheme.

Prosperity - Consciously intensionally benefiting everything/everyone within the area of one's influence and action. Yehovah is all about providing help that mankind may learn how to prosper in every circumstance. However, very few are listening and looking at God as a Being who is seeking to prosper everyone. The attribute of prosperity holds a prime directive to prosper/benefit everything and everyone.

Karma - Times or cycles of accounting, reckoning, recompense, justice, judgement, rewards and punishment. The Great Spirit is bringing on Earth changes that may provide cleansing and renewal. Yehovah is likewise bringing judgements upon mankind and preparing to bring about Zion, a world order of peace and righteousness.

Intent - Intent refers to our motives, goals, direction, heading or heart broadcast which are literal actions in the spiritual perspective. The heart can broadcast deep feelings. Broadcasted Feelings are deep intellectual Convictions (upper 3 chakra) + deep Emotions (lower 3 chakra). C+E=BF Sincere intentions are the primary actions mankind is judged by and the main driving force behind Attraction. Attraction=n(BF) where n = repetitions.

Balance - Measure of form/beauty with function/utility. Food for pleasure and nutrition. Sex for pleasure and reproductivity. All creation provided by God to both please the eye (pleasure/beauty) and gladden the heart (fills the need, provides usefulness). The Universe displays Balance everywhere one may look. Father in Heaven does not administer imbalance. He does not insist upon some extreme dogma that emphasizes one half of this equation and discounts the other half. True doctrine is balanced.

Association - Like is attracted to like, strength in numbers, the power of united effort, the whole is greater than the sum of each part. A consecrated united order of 100 men with their wives and children can change an entire region into a place of peace and prosperity.

Abundance - Expansion, growth, renewal, replenishment, no shortages except contrived by evil influences. All things of glory and value are expanding. There is renewal taking place all the time. Shortages are invariably contrived by greedy elements. The occult technology of control over humanity thrives on the lie of scarcity and the zero sum approach to resources. There is such an abundance of science and resources that planet Earth can support 500 billion human inhabitants with plenty of space for all, if the truth were to prevail.

Attraction - The movement of things toward sources of identical vibration. This is a more complex Attribute that involves equations of several other Attributes and the movement and direction of resources with varying degrees of velocity. There are probably many qualified equations that all have differing results. For examples: (intent x frequency) + (association x abundance) = Attraction (what is being attracted and to what speed it is moving.) Velocity(Prosperity) + Direction(Intent) + Frequency(n) = Attraction.

Allowance - Synchronicity and patience with or for greater forces at work or worthy lesser forces. Letting God do His work. Refraining from manipulating others for selfish interests. Stepping aside to let what is intended to happen by more worthy powers or principalities.

These are the cardinal, unwavering and all pervasive character Attributes of our dynamic intelligent Universe, or the Great Spirit, by which we may thrive or digress.

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