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C H U R C H    o f    G O D

The creed of the universal CHURCH of God of all spiritual souls who may or may not know of their Creator, the God of Abraham, and of His Son Yeshua Messiah: All these are Natural members of the Creation wide CHURCH as they abide in these three intuitive principles:
1 - All those who humbly endeavor to acknowledge and remedy all errors.
2 - All those who seek eternal Truth and willingly abide in wisdom's path.
3 - All those who faithfully repeat these three principles, through all time.
A faithful member of the universal CHURCH of God may be more greatly blessed by coming to know the God of Abraham and His Son, Yeshua Messiah. For truly all those who have faith in Yeshua are given the same Doctrine: to turn all errors into positives, to always seek after the Truth by becoming a covenant disciple of Messiah, and to endure to the end following the Holy Spirit of Turth as these principles are continually repeated.
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