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PatriArticle 7
T R U T H F U L L     I N T E L L I G E N C E
Our natural sovereign rights mandate that we
live, act or intend: self sufficiency, that we
independently evaluate any tradition, claim,
theory, doctrine, objective and authority,
against empirical evidence, correct principle,
covenant integrity and contextual revelation.
Esteeming truth and human rights above all, and taking responsibility for all choices; discredits the insincere and settles needless contention.
Our natural sovereign rights are inalienable rights bestowed upon all mankind by virtue of creation. The greatest one is the right to choose. We have been created with free will and are agents of our Creator, commissioned to learn to govern ourselves according to Eternal principle. Self sufficiency is the elimination of unhealthy dependencies and the responsible management of acceptible or necessary dependencies. True intentions built upon deep emotional honesty and intellectual convictions are the same as actions that will merit real consequences.

Because each person is an independent agent of God created for the general purpose to emulate the Attributes of God, we have the responsibility to glean all the wisdom we can and govern ourselves according to that wisdom. It is not that we cannot use the help of others to provide services, it is more that we must consciously approve that such services and intel, are of good quality and intended utility.

It is not responsible or faithful to just believe the endorsements of others, or to assume that once approved any resource or authority cannot deteriorate and need to be replaced or upgraded. True faithfulness has less to do with willingness to follow and most everything to do with keeping one's covenants and contracts. Willingness to follow comes after independently concluding that following is the right action to take to maintain covenant faithfulness.

It is necessary that we are vigilant in watching closely all persons and agencies that provide services and intel, that they are not abusing their power and commission. When we find the least degree of abuse of power or infringement upon agreement or constitution, we are not faithful unless we take appropriate action to individually and collectively reign in the trespass.

It is not the place of a church or government, a leader or any institution to do the thinking for the membership body or to privatize any pertinant information. Any church or governemtn where the people are free to have a voice also gives them the right to all pertinant information. It is actually against collective security to hide information and have standing covert operations. If such authorities or officials attempt to usurp or impair the responsibility of independent thought and expression, they have become corrupt and unworthy of any further voluntary support. Those that demand blind obedience and keep political or technological secrets, etc, especially when failing to uphold covenants, agreements and constitutions, are thoroughly ignorant and corrupt. The judgements that rain down upon such evil establishments effect all who have given support. Any continued support given to such organizations, irrespective of their once noble or holy beginnings, is unfaithfulness to the covenant and will be deply regretted. The faithful must divorce themselves from offering any voluntary support to evil establishments.

Those that pro-actively encourage and reward independent thought and expression are those that are closest to the heart of our God, so long as they are keeping the covenants.

Any church and religion that does not insist that its membership stay awake to their individual responsibility to do one's own thinking, to question every answer and to independently use valid thought processes to reach correct conclusions, so as to live by principle and agreement; cannot please the God of Abraham, will have more of a retarding effect on personal progression and will be virtually incapable of assisting a person in raising his or her energy frequency enough to merit any greater salvation than would be more easily obtained without the help of such officials or churches.

Any retarding of personal progression, that is not based in true principle, is not of God and can result in completely falling short of desired Eternal goals. The Gods do not allow others to do their thinking for Them or for Their offspring. They have zero tolerance for any person or entity wishing to create the least amount of irresponsible dependency in others. Lucifer and the host who followed him were expelled for attempting to entice the children of God to follow blindly and depend upon Lucifer to assume their individual responsibilities. His proposal to enforce obedience was an abomination against Eternal principle.

Let us maintain a healthy and Godly community landscape, by holding dear: our gift of free will, our appointment of divine agency and our ability of independent thought, lest we loose them.

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