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P A T R I A R C H A L   Y E S H U A N S
C O N D E M N   a n d   F O R B I D   a   S T A N D I N G   M I L I T A R Y

Every one of our 13 PatriArticles of Faith declare the evil of maintaining a standing military. A true patriarchal Yeshuan, cannot by virtue of his or her Faith and tradition, support a standing military: All patriarchal societies who worship the God of Abraham, have opposed the practice of maintaining a standing military. The primordial Patriarchal pattern is for all fighting age citizens to train themselves and be prepared to defend their homeland with weapons of choice or ability and willingness to support a defensive campaign; to repel any enemy.
The Patriarchal societies of Abraham, Isaac, Israel, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Samuel and etc were invincible. The patriarchal society on the island of England during the time of the Roman empire was never conquered by the Romans. There are numerous historical accounts of patriarchal or near patriarchal societies that have proven stronger than any conscripted military they had to defend against. A patriarchal militia is not aggressive but peaceful, and rather defensive in nature and protective of their own boarders.

Let us examine how each of our PatriArticles of Faith forbid the good conscience of a faithful yeshuan from supporting the establishment and maintenance of a standing military:

PatriArticle 1 - Respect Life - Every soul, object and attribute of Creation in all dimensions of our expanding sacred Universe, form the body and personality of the Great God Holy Spirit.
    The Universe, or Natural Creation, has minimal likenesses of a genetically differentiated standing combat class. While individual creatures of Nature are prepared for their own defense and make use of barricades, inaccessibility, disguises, shields and etc. for the most part all species are personally equipped for self defense. Only in rare instances such as in the termite colony, where there is stark differentiation of genetic structure, will you find a defensive combat class separate from the working class. Human society does not have such a genetic differentiation and therefore fits with the pattern of all individuals being prepared according to their specific skills and interests to rise to the defense of life, liberty and property. To be in harmony with the Universe we must not support a standing military.
    Furthermore, in the event there is a need for patriarchal yeshuans to rise up and defend life, liberty and property, we are committed to do so without killing the enemy. Because all beings are part of the Great God and we respect all life, our defensive warfare dictates that we only disable, stop and repulse the enemy without inflicting death. Dealing out death is in the hands of Yehovah. If there is death and dying as a result of defensive conflict it was not intended and may have been due to collateral damage, accidental circumstances or acts of God. Our aim will always be to wound or disable the enemy that they may live another day to learn of God's great goodness.

PatriArticle 2 - Universal Attributes - The cardinal, unwavering and all pervasive character attributes of our dynamic intelligent Universe, by which we may thrive or digress, are: stewardship, prosperity, karma, intent, balance, attraction, association, allowance and abundance.
    Stewardship - It is everyone's stewardship to, in some Godly way either directly or indirectly, rise and support the defense of the homeland when necessity calls.
    Prosperity - Economic wisdom dictates that unnecessary expenditures on armaments is not productive. Furthermore manufacturers and sellers of armaments are prone to get greedy when they have a regular unaccountable client and therefore have motive to instigate conflict by which they can expand their craft.
    Intent - Standing military necessitates war games. War games are a practice in intent and desire to destroy. War games and Intent to destroy raises fear among neighboring countries and promotes the creation of foreign military build-up. Intent attracts the situations being envisioned.
    Attraction - Practice preparing for killing, destruction, war and aggression, and that is what will be drawn toward you. A standing military cannot maintain itself without practicing destruction of property and therefore will attract unnecessary conflict.
    Association - The daily association with a killing machine puts the matter of destruction on the peoples minds to an unhealthy degree. Posturing in threatful stances brings about challengers and pointless contests. It breeds distrust of neighbors and promotes the creation and stockpiling or weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, germ and chemical agents. That in turn necessitates expensive efforts to eventually disarm and dispose of such materials and to convince neighbors to do the same.

PatriArticle 3 - Original Genes - God our Creator is the union of: Yehovah Michael with His equal spouse Goddesses; Who parented the races of Adam; and with Messiah, provide and guide our eternal progression.
    God is our provider, protector and progressor. Yehovah has never revealed a requirement for a standing military. On the contrary, God has declared that He will fight our battles and He will not allow any weapons formed against us to prosper. If we were to establish and maintain a standing military, we would be in direct conflict with the role our God has reserved to Himself. To support a standing military, is blatant unfaithfulness on the part of a patriarchal yeshuan.

PatriArticle 4 - Divine Perfection - The Order of Yehovah; has dominion over all things, presides as our Creator race, secures all human rights and radiates the perfection of all character attributes.
    One character attribute sought by all yeshuans whether of the patriarchal sect or not is that of being a "peace maker" which is exemplified by Creator Yehovah and Lord Yeshua. A standing military gives unrighteous leaders a means of threatening civil and world peace and using the military for selfish private agendas. Even king David was not above using his standing military to kill Uriah and steal his wife Bathsheba.
    All yeshuans are unwilling to exercise control and dominion over other peoples. The very nature of standing military discipline is to control and command and circumvent the free agency of others. It takes the young men from their parents where they belong learning the ways of their fathers and indoctrinates them in the evil ways of controlling and manipulating political preferences.
    Our Creator and our Lord are determined to secure all human rights. A standing military not only cancels most of the human rights of those conscripted, it also attempts to deprogram humanitarian attitudes from the character fabric of each conscriptee. A true yeshuan whether in harmony with patriarchal principles or simply a yeshuan at large, cannot permit any dehumanization of his or her character. To allow any programing that instills hate and the willingness to kill and destroy is contrary to the Faith.

PatriArticle 5 - Personal Agency - Personal agency under God and individual free will, are rights of Divine trust, that give rise to our Natural relationships and consensual responsibilities.
    Personal agency is deeply threatened when conscripted in a standing military. By its very nature, it turns soldiers into unthinking ponds, no longer willing to accept responsibility for their actions, which is contrary to the principles of personal agency. On the other hand, all patriarchal participants in defensive battle, normally remain free to assume the role and approach they are moved upon by the Spirit or they will agree to maneuvers under a leader which maneuvers are reasonable and agreeable to all who participate. A patriarchal yeshuan never becomes an unthinking and expendable or experimental game piece. A standing military is diametrically opposed to the Faith due to its violence upon personal agency.
    Patriarchal theology is not opposed to limited autocratic operations. That is much different than having a standing military. In the case of a civil policing career, a patriarchal yeshuan can choose to enlist and agree to obey orders to carry out standing or special assignments that are righteous and limited in nature, as a condition of employment. Such a police agency would need to protect against abuses of the Faith yet its leader can expect to have all righteous orders respected.
    In the same light, a battle ship or submarine or company of soldiers, may be staffed by patriarchal yeshuans, who have agreed to function under autocratic leadership, for the duration of individual battles, exercises or operations. In these circumstances they are trained to obey righteous orders and to carry out specialized duties that conform to the needs of the commander. Such use of limited autocratic government would be for defensive operations that require immediate responsiveness and highly coordinated strike force capability for a specifically defined purpose and duration. When such an operation finishes it assignment, the specialized volunteers may return to individual patriarchal participation for the general defense until there skills are needed again in a autocratic format. Such battleships and other needed coordinated collective forces, while under immediate autocratic leadership, would still be under general patriarchal leadership, who would have oversight of all autocratic extensions.
    One might ask, why would a patriarchal nation have a battleship or submarine in the first place if it does not have a standing military. Maybe it doesn't but if they are under attack, while they are fighting on one front with ground warriors, they may be mobilizing by rapidly building a navy. Or if they have a coast line that they must normally patrol in times of peace, they may have a minimal number of police capable ships and subs and trained crew to carry such peace time functions.

PatriArticle 6 - Evil Fears - We avoid deception, presumptuous authority, delusions of peril, official plunder and coercion; or ungodly dominion; which inevitably results in mental stupor, inequity, poverty, destruction, bondage and ultimate failure.
    DECEPTION: The hole concept that a standing military is good and righteous is a deceptive lie. The Word of God never requires it, authorizes it or even advises it. The contrary is true. When Israel wanted a king the prophet Samuel spoke for God when he warned Israel of the evils of having a king and the standing military that would inevitably be generated.
    PRESUMPTUOUS AUTHORITY: The true standing protector of a patriarchal yeshuan society is Lord Yeshua. Any entity, principality, organization, whatever that pretends to be a standing protector is presumptuous and an impostor.
    DELUSIONS OF PERIL: A standing military in order to justify their existence will invariably engage in creating false flag attacks to generate illusions of threat and danger. This is grossly unrighteous and involves false accusations against neighboring peoples. Bearing false witness is a known evil characteristic of the dark side.
    OFFICIAL PLUNDER: A standing military is not a productive element of society, yet it will require vast amounts of resources to support it to just stand around and do nothing. This idleness invariably leads to unnecessary and artificially created conflicts. The peaceful reputation and the economy of the society suffers.
    COERCION: Patriarchal leadership does not rule by coercion. A standing military by its very nature is an organization of coercion. It does not belong under the rule of patriarchal leadership. A patriarchal society will not tolerate having a standing military in their midst. It is an embarrassment and anathema to their peaceful attributes.
    FEAR: A standing military presupposes there is something to fear. A patriarchal society does not assume there is anything to fear. They may be aware that they have enemies, and that foreign entities may seek to destroy them, yet they trust in God to protect them, and warn them, when they are in need of mobilizing to defend their homeland interests.

PatriArticle 7 - Truthful Intelligence - Our natural sovereign rights mandate that we live, act or intend: self sufficiency; that we independently evaluate any tradition, claim, theory, doctrine, objective and authority, against empirical evidence, correct principle, covenant integrity and contextual revelation.
    Having a standing military gravitates against having a generally self sufficient population. The patriarchal yeshuan Faith requires all to be reasonably self sufficient. With a standing military the population becomes less attentive to potential threats and less exercised in their ability to defend themselves. By supporting a regular military they begin to feel less responsible to learn defensive skills and to rely upon Lord Yeshua to warn and protect them. The responsibility upon all to maintain intelligent alertness is eroded under the presence of a standing military and therefore cannot in wisdom be tolerated.

PatriArticle 8 - Joyful Directive - Willing and suitable productivity with Natural abundance and a thankful heart; is the foundation of personal understanding, opportunity, fulfillment and joy.
    Joy is a function of productivity. A standing military is anti productive by its very nature. Resources are dedicated to military machinery that may never be used that must be staffed and maintained and continually updated. The joy factor of life is heavily impacted by a standing military and therefore contrary to the joyful directive of the PatriArticle 8 covenant.

PatriArticle 9 - Eternal Progression - Divine advancement requires: reliable knowledge, possibility thinking, innovations of true principle, honoring valid covenants and trusting the Holy Spirit.
    Lord Yeshua possesses the most advanced capabilities of defensive machinery. A standing military is always out of date compared to the military might of Lord Yeshua. Patriarchal yeshuans are dedicated to only the most progressive intelligent advisers such as made available in their association with the Order of Yehovah and the Holy Spirit. In most cases of threat, Lord Yeshua provides an ingenious way of avoiding conflict and destruction while preserving the peace. His people generally have no interest in rattling swords or displaying their true might which would usually be a negative energy.

PatriArticle 10 - Simple Faith - The Gospel way is the most liberating, most efficient and irreducibly simple; progressive covenant relationship; enabling every soul, maximum personal joy in this life and unlimited fulfillment hereafter.
    As patriarchal Yeshuans we have a simple faith that maximizes freedom, efficiency and simplicity. A standing military by its nature is always trying to second guess all potential enemies. Such an endeavor is overly complicated, wasteful, and stressful. Furthermore our Faith requires us to live the Gospel rather than prepare to destroy potential enemies. By living the Gospel we speak peace to all potential enemies and put them at easy as to our basic harmlessness. In turn many potential enemies feel less threatened and become interested in the teachings of our Lord. Indeed the scriptures prophecy that the day will come when the nations will put down there weapons of war and come up to Zion to learn of her ways and walk in her paths.

PatriArticle 11 - Prophetic Strategy - The faithful work with Father Michael at the original craft: to usher the Earth and mankind, from corruption and death; to prosper all, during a progression of lives and estates, periodic global changes and related Solar events, and to joyfully engage all dimensions of divine glory.
    Ushering the Earth and mankind to the next higher dimension requires raising the vibration of all who wish to survive the journey. A standing military for a number of reasons constitute a lower more negative vibration and therefore contrary to the craft of Father Michael.

PatriArticle 12 - Master Yeshua - Yeshua Messiah, our Mediator of eternal-life and exaltation authority; personally leads His Church; who are formed without hands, diverse and often mingled with the unfaithful or non-faithful.
    Maybe this was stated before, however, Master Yeshua Messiah personally leads His people. He will not allow any weapon formed against them to prosper. He will fight our battles and use His faithful patriarchal yeshuans any way He chooses during such defensive maneuvers. He has prophesied in the Book of Daniel, that in the latter days, all His enemies will be ground to powder by His weapon that will be cut out of the mountain "without hands". He has taught that "Father doeth the works." A standing military is a manipulation of mankind, it is not a creation of Lord Yeshua. It therefore cannot be supported by any faithful patriarchal yeshuan.

PatriArticle 13 - Charity Reigns Supreme - The sanctification of all temporal with the purification of all intent, is the ideal of true charity, and the sum of all the enlightened.
    A patriarchal yeshuan knows that all temporal properties are to be sanctified for the positive purpose of building up Zion. Standing military is designed for destruction. It is inconsistent to dedicate and sanctify destructive aggressive machinery and personnel that are created for the sole purpose of killing and destruction to a Zionist society of peace. Such a duplicity is not an example of self respect or brotherly love.
    Patriarchal yeshuans are dedicated to sanctifying the land under the Constitution of the Kingdom of God and therefore must conform to His directive with regard to self defense and therefore ignore the evil traditional concept of standing military installations. Zion must be built by a people who are willing to do away with weapons of destruction. It's people must lead out in establishing world peace. Conscripted military might is the weakest option among protective force choices. True charity is the most powerful choice.

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