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In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious,
and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely
for them that are escaped of Israel.
And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying:
We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel;
only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.
Here we have a passage that conveys that it is not good for women to be alone or reproachful. In Genesis we hear the Lord telling Adam it is not good for him to be separate, alone or reproachful.
It is so easy to confuse the first or root purpose of marriage with the very important work or secondary purpose of replicating the species. Many families get so caught up in the task of raising the children that they loose sight of the primary purpose:

What is the purpose for which the marriage principle exists? Is there a Biblical purpose to marriage before the children came along and which will exist long after they have moved away? Yes! It is the first reason why God created marriage. There is an Eternal principle at the foundation of marriage. Once the marriage is established upon this principle purpose, the union can be applied to various works or callings, such as children.

Raising children, possessing superior discernment, being invincible in battle or business, etc. are callings, activities and secondary purposes belonging to families who are grounded in the root purpose.

Children are no more the root purpose of marriage as are apples of an apple tree. An apple tree serves to produce apples along with a variety of other uses, such as oxygen production, shade, beauty, holder of hidden knowledge, etc. Its first purpose is to simply exist in harmony with its genetic instructions and it's Creator. The primal instinct is to not only survive but fulfill DNA and Divine intent. It is to fill the measure of its creation, or manifest the genetic information it contains in the environment where it is placed, while remaining in total harmony with Creation, standing ready to serve Creation in any feasible capacity.

Our eternal purpose is the same, to worship God forever by growing to our fullest potential and then serving Creation in any possible way. Are you aware of scripture referring to angels being in a state of everlasting singing, worship and praise toward God? When we live to fulfill the measure of our creation with constant readiness to serve Creation in any capacity, we are in a constant state of praise and worship. Our life is a song of worship of and to our Creator.

Entering Patriarchal marriage is a calling to engage a principle of eternal progression. Raising children is a calling to engage a work that is typically but not always given to couples who have engaged the principle of marriage. Some may want to argue this, and some may want to say hairs are being split here, but clarity on the first purpose of marriage is essential for putting everything else in perspective.

The idea that marriage is mainly for raising children ignores or discounts the original purpose and can result in prejudice against those marriages that do not bare children or that have grown past this period of life.

Isaiah 4:1-2 "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying; We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach. In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel." (BOJ.Isaiah 4:1-2)

As you can read, this prophecy in Isaiah 4 tells that the time will come when it will be common that among those who are escaped from worldliness or 'Babylon'; it will be common for seven women, who are easily capable of self support, to yet choose one husband to share among them. Why? Not for his money, but for his name, to take away their "reproach". They are not having any trouble supporting their own material needs so they do not feel any reproach due to their temporal circumstances.

Many jump to assume that these women take the faithful man's name to have children thereby canceling any children related reproachfulness. Traditional prejudice for the ability to have children has caused a lot of unnecessary pressure on women. Some women who may be inspired to enter plural marriage but are past child bearing may be made to feel awkward. They live under a form of socially imposed reproach. But why would they be lead by the Holy Spirit to marry if they are not going to bare children or even be a part of raising them? If their only purpose is to provide money to the family, they can do that by giving extra tithes to the bishop without having to squeeze into someone's family circle.

This whole idea of reproachfulness for being without children is not a strong Biblical principle. It is more culturally based and used symbolically to reflect other states of misfortune. Women are really being picked on here. Women are no more reproachful for not having interest in children than men are for not being filthy rich. Not every person that comes to earth has an interest in being rich or having babies.

Isaiah 4:1 is not speaking of culturally based reproductive reproach. It is not excluding it either. But having children is not the primary motivation behind this apparent plural marriage movement. This verse is speaking of natural Godly reproach consciousness that has come of age or generally dawned on the adult society. The females have become aware of something and the males are in concurrence. The result is a rather general exodus toward patriarchal plural marital relationships. It is not that the women feel less worthy due to not having children, although many so engaging this principle will have children in addition to forming something else of equal or greater value.

The verse does not speak of children. Among all the many references in the Bible about reproachfulness, very few have the context of child bareness. False tradition has maybe turned bareness into a monster. The importance of children has crowded out the original importance of sacred Biblical marriage. Yet Isaiah is seeing a time when the original importance of marriage is being re-awakened.

In God's eyes women are not a reproach because they cannot or have aged past the child bearing window. God wants his faithful daughters to enter Patriarchal marriage for a more critical and fundamental reason.

Isaiah 4:1 only indicates that having the man's "name" will eliminate the reproach. Now, having a faithful man's name does not of itself produce children? So what genre of reproach would be resolved just by being married to a faithful man.

Could it be that just being single is a social problem? Maybe at some point in history but not too likely in light of latter day trends. Single women are a normal part of life. Why would society suddenly look upon them reproachfully?

There is more to having a faithful man's name than meets the eye. To have his name is to marry him. To truly marry him is to become one with him, to create a bigger virtual person than the two of them total in their single state. It is not just a formality to avoid public embarrassment or to fill in a blank on a birth certificate. God is not concerned over these human formalities and expectations.

When a covenant people arrive at the point where Messiah will place His name on them, they have become complete with their Creator, or they are in temporal and spiritual harmony with each other and Him. Messiah and Zion become one soul. If they don't have His name on them, they are reproachful no matter how prosperous and embellished they may appear or how many children are being born, for that matter. Let me say that again, If a messianic society are not in harmony with Messiah, they are in a state of serious principle based reproach under the gaze of Heaven, irregardless of all assets or appearances.

The principle of oneness can become a very subtle power for good. The period Isaiah is speaking of is coming on the heels of a great deal of international warfare. There are fewer faithful men available at the time when seven women will approach one man and eagerly seek plural marriage. The winner take all approach of monogamy is an anti oneness attitude. A true sister who is one with her Messiah cannot enjoy a marriage if she must deny six other equally worthy sisters in doing so. A true sister cannot rejoice in a marriage that, by default generates grief and pain in any other female friends. Nor can she rejoice in barring her husband from the growth experience of obeying Father and learning to manage a plural family.

Any society of such faithful women, where sharing a husband is necessary so that all women can experience the opportunities and joys of marriage, is not compatible with any man or woman who refuses to share. In such a society it would be necessary for all women to have at least a willingness to share, should a reasonable request be made. Any who would refuse a reasonable request would demonstrate an unworthy level of oneness with such a society. They could not say they love God and at the same time would wish to slam the door on other ladies seeking similar blessings. That is not to say that there may be many women in this future Godly society who by the will of Father will remain single or go no further than monogamy. The point is, if they choose to marry a faithful man, they know they should be willing to share if and when the Spirit calls for it.

There is more to oneness than securing that all society be willing to share in the highest of available marital opportunities. There is the oneness between husband and wife that is also needed to get immunized against principled reproach. Once marital unions are made available to all who seek marital blessings, only one level of principled reproach has been negotiated. There is now a second level to be addressed.

When a woman becomes a wife, God intends her to become "one flesh" with her husband. She is not a trophy, not a second class wife, not a work horse or chattel, but a full partner in an adult family. A new being is virtually created. The marriage has a life of its own when husband and wife are united in heart and mind. This involves completeness and full willing mutual harmony on the planes of spirit, mind, emotion and material. She is then worthy of his name. When a Biblical woman is saying let me have your name she is saying let me unite with you spiritually (by the word of God) mentally (by common goals), emotionally (allowing our love to grow) and materially (making mutual decisions regarding material maintenance and sexual favors.)

The husband is primarily responsible to create such a compatible handshake with Messiah that he is able to be called after His Holy name. The man is to become one with his Lord to be able to attract the blessings of Heaven and call himself a Yeshuan or Messian. This is a principle by which Messiah is able to put His name on a people.

Here is a great mystery for the wise to understand. God is not in the business of defending peoples of mixed priorities. He is only in the work of expanding the Kingdom of God and defending His name. When He places His name on a man or a united community of men, He can now more openly and abundantly bless them, because He is blessing the Kingdom of Heaven, and He can now more openly and abundantly defend them because He is defending His Holy name.

A faithful man does not want wives of mixed priorities either. He wants wives that will be in harmony with His harmony with Messiah. Wives who are interested in fulfilling the purposes of God in them as individuals and in their marriages as living entities. When that is in place, he is willing to let his wife or wives bear and use his name.

Isaiah is looking at the last days when it is apparent to the faithful that the earth will either be destroyed or go through a baptism by fire. The outcome will be dependent upon the establishment of holy communities. Holy communities will be dependent upon if they are not reproachful in the eyes of God. If they are not reproachful, is dependent upon if when Messiah presents them to Father, if He has accepted them and placed His name on them. (of course Messiah would not offend Father by presenting to Father a community that is not fully ready in the oneness principle.) Such communities that will be integral elements in the translation of the planet will consist of members and families who honor their covenants with Messiah and thereby bear His name.

Zion most likely does not have trophy or slave communities. All communities bearing the name of Messiah are full blooded partners in heavenly principles. They may vary in their particular areas of specialty, capability and focus; but they all share full membership, otherwise Zion is not one and if it is not one, it is not of Messiah or of Yehovah. A city or Zion is to the Kingdom of God, as a wife is to a faithful man. She will joyfully bear his name as full partner. If not, she is not a wife, and if she is less than a full wife, what is she? And is her inferior status her choice, or is some foolish or selfish doctrine keeping her down?

With this growing mutual and spontaneous cooperation and dedication to the Lord they are one with Heaven and no longer reproachful. This is not talking about public acceptance. Through exalted eyes, a person is reproachful if separate and incomplete, especially if in a disconnect with heavenly principles.

"Nevertheless, neither is a the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord" (1Cor.11:11) This truth applies both in time and in eternity. Those who quote, 'there is no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven.' do not realize that most of the lesser of the seven heavens were being referred to, and they are not inclined to conceive that such a perfect relationship created by God will survive beyond the grave. Yet the scriptures also say that what God does, He does forever. He created marriage so it is intended to be Eternal, just not in the lesser realms where un-sexed eternal conditions apply.

Getting back to the subject of the reproach of a separate and single person. Both angels and mortals who are not married can mitigate this problem by making Messiah their Lord, and being one with Heaven. This is a tolerable level of incompleteness. A person may be entirely comfortable choosing to be single throughout eternity or for as long as they are happy. However, a marital unit grown by God has a greater potential of progressing and or being of service. A woman's reproach is canceled when she becomes one soul with her husband, and likewise regarding his reproachfulness when they together are one soul with Messiah. whether on earth or in Heaven.

A man who is not submissive to Messiah is reproachful to both good women and in the eyes of Heaven. I think I'm beginning to beat this drum too much. I just want this principle understood. The study of oneness is not really a popular subject, yet it is laced throughout scripture as an underlying theme. It is especially noticeable in times of judgment where a whole community will be blessed or suffer due to the acts of just the leading figures.

A wife who does not seek to develop oneness with her husband and rather devotes herself entirely to other things, may be choosing against the marriage principle. A husband who avoids allowing oneness to grow between himself and any one of his wives, is not acting as a true Patriarch. Ignoring the responsibility of his relationship with any of his wives is a choice against Patriarchal marriage and contrary to the school of the Order of Yehovah. Any wife who is pleased that her husband is not being fair with her sister wives or pleased that he is not developing a wholesome marital relationship with any one of his wives, does not have enough of the Spirit and is a reproach under the gaze of heavenly angels.

Any family member or outside party who intentionally and chronically seeks to prevent marital completeness from developing between a husband and any of his wives, in the Lord, shall be as the scriptures state, "accursed". Why is that? Because any attempt to deteriorate the marriage from being all God has intended it to be, is an attempt to adulterate that covenant. Attempted adultery flirts with full adultery which is the destruction of the marital trust, or the death of the virtual union. Dire consequences follow such destruction of a divine living entity. That is why the demise (adulteration) of a God given marriage is next to murder. It is the murder of a living entity.

Imagine for a moment a plural family who does not practice equality, and total harmony, who has not completed each other by becoming one in spirit, heart, function and mind. Imagine them attempting to walk through the gates of the Celestial Kingdom each gently tugging and subtly jolting in different directions. The Heavenly community is watching them as they travel up the path toward the gate. Well they don't really have to be watching anything, they can smell disharmony a mile off. The angels will want to coach them in, but they witness argument, suppression of expression, manipulation, denial, avoidance, emotional and mental games, halting progress and temporary split ups. Such a family could not have the confidence to get anywhere near the gate. But if they could, imagine the reproach that would come from the gaze of exalted beings, who have developed complete harmony amongst themselves and with God. The disjointed tug-a-war relationship would be naked before all of Heaven. Such a marriage would not be comfortable among those who have achieved full harmony. Such a marriage would literally be in hell among more advanced beings. And we are not speaking about perfect beings, just those whose hearts and minds are in comfortable harmony, who are not laden with fears and jealousies, suffer from spiritual poverty, who are of innocent intent and who love to practice freedom and equality for all.

Incompleteness, inequality and disunity is most reproachful to, and incompatible with, Heaven. The reproach of Isaiah 4:1 is not about children. No amount of children raised will compensate for a marriage that is fearful and disharmonious, in the end. The question of procreation in eternity is not even considered until the basic reproachful un-oneness is dealt with.

Why was Eve created? Some say so Adam could reproduce after his own kind, for were they not commanded to multiply and replenish the earth? It is true that together they could engage that work after falling from the paradisaical level, but that is not the reason given for Eve's creation in the original situation. They were in the paradisaical dimension when they were put together. It was noted that it is not good for man to be alone. In other words a single man can be reproachful from a certain viewpoint. Their marriage was created for one initial purpose. They could not procreate at the time Eve was married to Adam. She was given to him to take away some variety of reproach. After the transition from paradise to mortality, to help facilitate the main purpose, their marriage was given a calling; to procreate. By engaging that mission of procreation and other valuable pursuits they are indirectly progressing toward fulfilling the original purpose of their marriage, of complete sacred oneness. Family life becomes a means of accomplishing a higher purpose.

So what is this original purpose? " And the Lord God said, it is not good that man should be alone; I will make an help meet for him.... Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and they shall cleave together and they shall be one flesh." (Gen.2:18-24, Mtt.19:5-6) Okay this is not speaking about becoming siamese twins or having sex continually. It is talking about the union becoming one being. A new 'being' is constituted in the creation of a Biblical marriage. The marriage is a sacred being, and therefore any harmful tampering with that being is considered by God to be next to attempted murder or adulterous. The untimely demise if the marital being is considered next to murder, or adultery.

Here we have the root purpose alluded to. Loneliness is a sign of being in denial of God's influence in your life and being separated from the Holy Spirit. Synonyms to this word "alone" are; detached, apart, isolated, remote, solitary, unaccompanied, separate and maybe 'incomplete'.

"Man of Holiness" is another name of our Father and Mothers in Heaven. The meaning of this title refers to God and His many wives. It reveals that a celestial God is in actuality composed of the exalted male member with his exalted female members. The human language just doesn't have an appropriate word for this. By this we learn that men and women without being appropriately paired up are incomplete in the eyes of the Lord.

So Adam, whom had just been created by God, was incomplete in the view of esalted eyes. And when he and Eve would shortly be in a fallen condition, they would both not only be incomplete they would also be separate from God. This is a condition of compound reproachfulness. as well. This is why God stated that it is not good for man to be separate from woman who completes him nor detached from God who also completes him. God created Eve to help man meet his root purpose of becoming whole and returning to oneness with God.

Fortunately since a man is also the other half of a woman, he constitutes being a help meet to her as well. Bonded with him in love and equality (but not sameness of role), he will help her abandon incompleteness and return to oneness with her Creator. The root purpose of marriage therefore is that of completing each other and helping each other progress to a fullness of our created potential as we return to a oneness with God.

As a side note the true form or family organization is revealed in the Adam and Eve story. Because they are commanded to become "one Flesh" that makes them equal, so the legislative authority rests in the husband and his wife or wives equally. Because Eve was to obey Adam, that put Adam or the husband as the chief executive officer to act according to patriarchal principle in leading the family toward fulfilling the laws set down by the decisions of the legislative body, the family council or the decisions of he and his wife or wives together. The judicial branch of the family would rest in Father in Heaven, Who put them together through the Holy Spirit, and through the ways in which the household is blessed or chastened.

I hope this is not too hard on single people, or on married men who do not see each wife as a person with whom they are to develop complete oneness with, nor too hard on plural wives who do not believe they need to harmonize their lives with their husband and sister wives. Some plural families have actually abdicated the soul purpose of Eternal marriage by putting the sarah, or first wife, between the plurals and the husband. This is an abomination of the principle. It destroys the hope and opportunity of completeness for all. It robs the man of doing the will of Father and learning fair government and greater manhood. It robs the first wife of learning to share for she cannot share and retain virtual control at the same time. It robs the plurals of being true wives for they are barred from equal interaction with their husband. And it renders each partner highly reproachful under Heaven and incapable of forming Zion.

This marital oneness cannot be achieved by rules laid down by the sarah or the husband and wife together, but rather sincere trial and error among faithful hearts and by liberal guidelines mutually agreed upon. So how is it achieved? Is it done by external rules such as:

...If I always fix good meals and do the laundry and he never looks at another woman for more than two seconds, we will be in wonderful harmony. Is that how it is done, by establishing a set of physical boundaries. Such boundaries may seem to work for a while at least on the surface but then you find yourselves out growing them and making larger and larger corals to play in. The more trusting you become of yourself and each other the more latitude you give each other and the less your marriage is a prison. Marriages are not meant to be a prison against any harmless involvements. All wholesome privileges each person enjoyed before marriage should not be completely banned just because of the marital covenant. The covenant is a willing acknowledgment of team creation and object of loyalty. It is out of our loyalty to God that we are lead to our companion and why we are willing to make a marital covenant. A covenant is primarily a meeting or agreement of the minds. It is a loyalty choice. It is an unseen bond.

A new fence does not a covenant make. We tend to need physical boundaries to feel secure. We tend to want to give our mate boundaries that they must stay within in order to feel the covenant is being respected. But if a mate is staying within all those boundaries while his or her heart and or mind is drifting, are those boundaries doing there job? What is it they say, set it free and if it comes back it is yours, if it doesn't it never was. A person has to know from within, where God wants them and where they belong. Nothing external can hold the heart or mind. Unlock the prison you are holding your mate in and finally enjoy the freedom and security God intended. If you loose your mate, it was the Lord's will and would happen regardless, yet you are still in good hands.

When everyone enters the celestial kingdom are they going to slam the doors shut and lock them so no one can wander in forbidden paths. Not really. Angels will come and go and wander in forbidden paths to do good. Heaven will not implement external controls on everyone, so as to keep them faithful to their agreements.

It is called Celestial Marriage, because our hearts and minds are to become bonded to the Celestial glory. It is Eternal marriage because our hearts and minds are to become bonded to the great Eternal. It is Patriarchal marriage because our hearts and minds are to become bonded to our given mates as we enjoy membership with the Order of Yehovah. Once thus bonded we are at the service of the Holy Realm to perform any labor, whether in the flesh or hereafter. That's where replicating the species comes in, after the oneness has been engaged.

This oneness is neither appearance centered, nor legislated by outward edicts, it goes to the depths of the soul and is that condition spoken of in scripture of continual love and worship. This does not crowd free agency. It actually facilitates the highest degree of freedom and choice.

Now some refuse to accept that the object of marriage is oneness which eventually leads to exaltation or a greater oneness with Celestial realms. They would rather say the object is to "live the principle" or keep it "alive". Or the object is to have children. Some want to say the object is multiple, that it is oneness and children and this and that. Well it has one original root purpose, SACRED COMPLETENESS IN HOLY UNITY WORTHY OF GOD'S NAME. Having accepted this true principle, anything that supports a marriage moving in this direction is Good and all those things that distract from the fulfillment of Creation and this oneness with God are false and sinful. Some die-hards are going to say, Single celestial angels do have oneness with Heaven and the added advantage of marriage is that of having children, therefore the purpose of marriage is that of replicating the species. Having and raising children when possible, in righteousness, is one of the supreme missions of a good marriage. The purpose of raising children is that of replicating the species.

The point here is the root purpose. The operative word in discovering the true purpose of Eternal marriage is "completeness" as opposed to incompleteness, separateness or aloneness. While single angels can achieve a large degree of oneness with Heaven and Messiah, they are not complete beings and therefore are handicapped. God has said it is not good for man to be alone. This is true in time and eternity. God can provide great tasks or missions for solitary angels and teams of such beings but he can do so much more with a team of completed beings who function in the full spectrum of potential callings.

A Patriarchal family unit is more fully created in the image of God. There are presumably an endless variety of callings that can be given to an exalted completed Patriarchal family unit that cannot be entrusted to lesser principalities. Greater understanding of and experience with creation itself is one advantage. A Patriarch has much higher invincibility in spiritual and physical battle with the faith of a united quorum of wives backing him in supportive prayer. A patriarchal unit may have more motivation, for it is also their glory that is affected, worlds without end. A complete person can offer counsel to others seeking the same level. A single angel cannot counsel completed beings of an eternal family. Completed beings are more alert to all the possible pitfalls and delusions presented by the Adversary than even a group of incomplete beings. Angels are servants unto completed beings. Completed beings have a godly status. Completed beings are co-heirs with Messiah and are a part of His inner circle.

Being in possession of membership in a Patriarchal family built by God does not guarantee exaltation. If mutual harmony is not the central object, no priesthood ceremony has the power to keep them together in eternity. Being in possession of membership in a Patriarchal family built by God is a most valuable blessing. Church membership or callings are of much less importance. Marriage can extend beyond the grave while earthly churches have an end. If the husband does not accept his roll as governor of his relations with each wife, and endeavor to treat each with equality, he cannot have their respect or loyalty for long, certainly not beyond the grave.

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