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PatriArticle 5
P E R S O N A L   A G E N C Y
Personal agency under God and individual free will,
are rights of Divine trust
that give rise to our Natural relationships and conscentual responsibilities.
Often people think of personal free will as the liberty to do what ever they please. However when we conbine free will with the principle that we are agents of our Creator, we realize we have jurisdiction to conduct our lives in such a way our Creator would be prospered.

In our earliest beginnings as an organized intelligence we were given free will as a gift from the Holy Spirit. Then through the parenting of the Order of Yehovah, we were given a spirit tabernacle, or spirit body. This body constituted our first material stewardship. We are not separate from God and we don't own our spirit body. It belongs to the Holy Spirit from which our intelligence was also formed. With free will, which we do own, and a stewardship, we became free agents. That does not mean we are free to govern our spirit without accountibility or concern for eternal principles. It means that we have jurisdiction over how we choose to represent the will of the Holy Spirit in governing things directly pertaining to our spirit, our body and our given stewardship.

As our primordial gift and the only thing we truely possess, Free will is a precious commodity. Is commodity the right word, maybe it is a precious gem. As a commodity it can be used as currency. As a gem it can be held in safe keeping and enjoyed for it's unique qualities. As something we possess it cannot be taken from us. We can allow it to be imposed upon. We can be abused by others who force their will over our own. In many cases we simply do not understand the rights that come with our free will and we allow others to dictate their will over ours, when they have no jurisdiction. For example we can be so upbeat about the church we are a member of, because of our faith in God, that we transpose undue authority upon it, and we allow that church to control something in our personal life they neither have jurisdiction over nor a vested interest as per their established purposes.

The church may declare a doctrine it holds as true that has been incorrectly deduced from the Word of God and because of the confidence the people have in their church leaders or the fear they may have to participate in any objection, they go along with the doctrine which results in an unhealthy or unfair diminishment of their free will. They don't notice because they are so convinced of the doctrine. In many cases we voluntarily curtail our free will because of positive agreements we enter that will bring about desired rewards. However, we can identify the doctrines or rulings that unjustly impose upon free will as, free will thieves. We will not examine specifices in this article, but you may go here to read more about free will thieves.

To be an "agent" is to be employed as a representative. We are given to represent, to the best of our ability, the true will of God, to ourselves and our stewardship, in behalf of God’s plan for our own best eternal well being, for all Creation to witness. Free agency is not separate independent agency as some may assume. The word agency implies the responsibility to represent. We are expected to conduct ourselves in His behalf, according to His will during our existence. It could be called: “Divine Agency” or “Free Agency”, but either way the responsibility to abide in the grace of God is inherant.

As Divine agents, we accept personal responsibility for our state of: attitude, emotion, knowledge, reasoning and health; for our: thoughts, intents, choices, actions, reactions, lack of choice, avoidable deceptions and non actions;   and for our preparedness to avoid or triumph over more offensive events of: disaster, deception, hostility or force.

". . . I have prepared all things, and have given unto the children of men to be agents unto themselves." (BOE.Sec104:17)

The Holy Spirit, the ONE GOD, is the only independent agent Whose Attributes and dimensional laws build the principled environment all things are subject to. All of mankind including eternal beings and the order of the Gods, have been given by the Holy Spirit the virtue of 'free will', but it is misleading to declare that any have been given 'free agency' in the sense of 'independent' agency.

The question may arise; is 'self interest' the vehicle of pure capitalism and abundant prosperity? It is God's interest that is numero uno. Self interest (personal will or choice lacking Divine influence) should NOT come first and it is not the force behind productivity in the world. Productivity needs no other motivating condition. Productivity is a fundamental force. A seed grows into a tree due to for the love of Creation. The drive and desire to fulfill the measure of one's creation, to be all one can be, is basic to all healthy life. Productivity and happiness are siamese twins. There is not one without some degree of the other.

For maximum productivity God’s interest should come first, unless it is argued that it is in one's own self interest to put the will of God first. In that case, it could be conceded that the individual can have one particular self interest that is uppermost. But in the case that one has, in his own self interest, placed God's will uppermost, which is the most responsible thing to do, such a one has chosen to subordinate his self interest (agency/stewardship) and personal will, to God's, and has thereby conceded that the will of God is uppermost.

One might ask why place God's will uppermost if personal productivity is so central. The answer is simple. God understands everyone's personal potential better than the individual. God will lead each individual to one's own personalized level of maximum productivity and happiness.

To put it simply, being an agent unto oneself, is being given the stewardship over oneself to act in behalf of God for one's best eternal interest or for God's interest in us. What is God’s interest in His people. They belong to Him and are part of His work and glory to replicate His exalted society. We exist to glorify God and in so endeavoring we reach optimum productivity and maximum personal happiness and are proportionally glorified as well.

Now that we have that completely clear, we should ask how do we take responsibility for the agency we have been given? How do we assume appropriate agency?

We may all go through a period of blaming others for the unintended or undesireable consequences of our own decisions. Ultimately however the buck must stop somewhere and after all the excuses and rationalizations have been aired, we will still be accountable for the choice to follow the crowd, or correct our heading more in conjunction with the will of God.

Responsibility cannot be sloughed off on one's leaders! If one joins an irresponsible war, and under orders from superiors participates in the killing and destruction of God's children and property, such is still done by personal choice, and the individual soldier is responsible for any destruction he/she is part of, and shall be the recipient of the painful consequences regardless of any selective reasoning to deflect blame.

One shocking excuse used by church memberships to set aside the covenants of the Gospel and betray sacred individual agency; is that their leaders have told them that it is God's will to change the original commission just at this particular juncture. Shocking because they will someday ask the Lord why they are not receiving His protection, or why they cannot pass by the angels and receive the same rewards, as those who have kept His Law. They will be informed that disobedience is still disobedience, regardless of who approves it, or how it was popularized.

We should all ask ourselves: "Who will experience the consequences of ignoring the Law of Yeshua, just the leaders or everyone who follows them?" Examine the children of Israel who followed Moses, were they not quick to scrutinize their leader and to seek to overthrow him at the first appearance of misleadership? While they were often wrong in judging Moses' performance; at least they understood their responsibity to both keep watch a boldly voice outrage at perceived misconduct. They understood that any turning to the right, or to the left, could personally affect each one of them and their prosperity potentials. This is a most mature virtue that most gentile societies and all societies paranoid of responsibility, lack.

The Lord has said that "if you keep not My commandments you receive not the blessing." So one should conclude that each person is responsible for their own unfaithfulness regardless of how disobedience is subtly rationalized by presumed valid authority. The truth is that any authority attempting to invalidate any part of the restored covenants and Dispensational directives, is either on probation, becoming invalid or a complete impostor.

Should Yeshua Himself come amongst His local congregation, and restate His Law as a requirement of returning to the presence of the Father, and He Himself does not comply, the faithful would still have no excuse in disobedience or any reason to expect the reward for non-compliance. If our Lord should openly teach, that we should not live the New and Everlasting Covenant including His Law, we should revolt at His suggestion and prepare to shift our loyalty past Him, to His Father, Yehovah. The fullness of the Gospel is unchangeable and God Himself cannot change it without ceasing to be God. The fullness of the Gospel once revealed to the Earth is never withdrawn or abreviated by authority, only be enemy anileation of the faithful.

People must take personal responsibility for where their leaders are leading them, and they should voice their approval or disapproval of what they are lead to do, or not do. For some, this is a very difficult lesson to wrap there brain around. They have been falsley trained to think that their leaders are infallible, and either God or their leaders can make an exception for them. The higher principles were given to prevent the bondage, economic and social disaster and protect the body of faithful from the plagues and judgements. The Founding generation of the Restoration, under the deliberate guiding hand of God, set the correct tone and direction, which has been as cleaverly abandoned as the American people have abandoned the original tone and direction of our inspired Constitutional nation. Many will find the the bed they have made for themselves to be warm and secure, is too small and cannot cover.

Our gentile inclination is to abuse our Divine Agency and put the responsibility on the leaders, or blame everything other than ourselves for our general situations, for our shortfalls, for our discomforts, inconveniences, mishaps, insufficiencies, and misconceptions. Unfortunately there is no value to be derived from blaming other people for things we are actually responsible. Our Divine Agency and Natal intelligence requires that we examine the direction our leaders are taking us, against original authoritative truth, and vote with our dollars and feet accordingly. Leaders who like their titles, positions, perks and conveniences more than they love the original imperative of their trusted calling, shall reap the deepest pain and derission spirit prison has to offer. Divine agency is a sacred responsiblity, our free will was given so we would have something to put on the altar back to God, neither are things to be toyed with.

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