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P A T R I A R T I C L E S   O F   F A I T H
o f f e r r e d   t o   a l l
Yeshuans of Covenant Theology

Our dynamic truth based Restorationist movement will not only honor the substance of our original Articles of Faith, it will recognize the patriarchal direction where the movement is destined to travel and distill additional Articles of Faith particularly reflective of the newest enlightenment, useful in dealing with the most current issues and expansive ponderings.
While these Patriarticles of Faith are held as doctrinal covenants of the CYMPLE Order, they are only suggestions for other Restorationist.

PatriArticle 1 - Universal Respect
Every soul, object and attribute of Creation in all dimensions of our expanding sacred Universe, form the body, memory, spirit and personality of the Great God Holy Spirit.

PatriArticle 2 - Universal Attributes
The cardinal, unwavering and all pervasive character attributes of our dynamic intelligent Universe, by which we may thrive or digress, are: stewardship, prosperity, karma, intent, balance, attraction, association, allowance and abundance.

PatriArticle 3 - Original Genes
God our Creator is the union of: Yehovah Michael with His equal spouse Goddesses; Who parented the races of Adam; and with Messiah, provide and guide our eternal progression.

PatriArticle 4 - Divine Perfection
The Order of Yehovah; has dominion over all things, presides as our Creator race, secures all human rights and radiates the perfection of all character attributes.

PatriArticle 5 - Personal Agency
Personal agency under God and individual free will, are rights of Divine trust, that give rise to our Natural relationships and consensual responsibilities.

PatriArticle 6 - Evil Fears
We avoid deception, presumptuous authority, delusions of peril, official plunder and coercion; or ungodly dominion; which inevitably results in mental stupor, inequity, poverty, destruction, bondage and ultimate failure.

PatriArticle 7 - Truthful Intelligence
Our natural sovereign rights mandate that we live, act or intend: self sufficiency; that we independently evaluate any tradition, claim, theory, doctrine, objective and authority, against empirical evidence, correct principle, covenant integrity and contextual revelation.

PatriArticle 8 - Joyful Producer
Willing and suitable productivity with Natural abundance and a thankful heart; is the foundation of personal understanding, opportunity, fulfillment and joy.

PatriArticle 9 - Eternal Progression
Divine advancement requires: reliable knowledge, possibility thinking, innovations of true principle, honoring valid covenants and trusting the Holy Spirit.

PatriArticle 10 - Simple Faith
The Gospel way is the most liberating, most efficient and irreducibly simple; progressive covenant relationship; enabling every soul, maximum personal joy in this life and unlimited fulfillment hereafter.

PatriArticle 11 - Prophetic Strategy
The faithful work with Father Michael at the original craft: to usher the Earth and mankind, from corruption and death; to prosper all, during a progression of lives and estates, periodic global changes and related Solar events, and to joyfully engage all dimensions of divine glory.

PatriArticle 12 - Master Yeshua
Yeshua Messiah, our Mediator of eternal-life and exaltation authority; personally leads His Church; who are formed without hands, diverse and often mingled with the unfaithful or non-faithful.

PatriArticle 13 - Charity Reigns Supreme
The sanctification of all temporal with the purification of all intent, is the ideal of true charity, and the sum of all the enlightened.       CYMPLE

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