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PatriArticle 12
M A S T E R     Y E S H U A
Yeshua Messiah,
our Mediator of eternal-life and exaltation authority;
personally leads His Church;
who are formed without hands, diverse, and often mingled
with the unfaithful or non-faithful.
There is only one Head, He does not employ anyone in His stead and all His mortal servants are subject to imperfections, fallibility and potential compromise.

We, the worldwide Church, journey as members in covenant fellowship, free of guilt, and lead by none other name than Yeshua Messiah. Our basic membership is qualified on three doctrines only: (1) To practice repentance: by acknowledgement of personal errors, laboring to restore damage and diligently finding full value from every such misstep or challenge; (2) To draw near unto the light of truth (Messiah): by living faithful to true principle, and (3) To endure steadfast doing the first two for ever; thus being able to assert the blessings of Messiah, that our stumbling blocks shall become our stepping stones and the gates of hell shall not prevail.

"Behold, this is my doctrine -- Whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my Church. Whosoever declareth more or less than this, the same is not of me, but is against me; therefore he is not of my Church. And now, behold, whosoever is of my Church, and endureth of my Church to the end, him will I establish upon my rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against them" (BOE.Sec10:67-69)

This is the basic level of commitment to Messiah. People world wide are capable of abiding in this faith never having heard the name of Yeshua Messiah. As they walk this path of seeking the Light, they will in time become introduced to Messiah and given the chance to follow Him as their Lord and Master. In doing so they are living the covenant or principle of baptism or the slaying of the false self and the living of the new self in Messiah. In so doing they have deepened there membership in His Church by becoming a born again member. If there is Levitical Priesthood available these who are living dicipleship can bear withness of their faith through the ceremony of baptism by emersion and it shall be recorded in Heaven. This ceremony can be repeated, if desired, every time there is significant spiritual growth.

The Church therefore consists of all people who without ceasing, repent of error and seek true principle. They may have deepened their commitment to Truth by coming to know our Lord or they may spend their whole life just doing the basics. Yet we are all brothers and sisters in His eyes and we can know each other by how much love of truth we share. Yeshua has said that this is His Church. He can establish congregations of disciples to carry out specialized commisions and install Priesthood holders in there midst to confirm their faifhfulness. Whether they stay on course or not will depend on that faithfulness.

It is rather gentile to reject the notion that Yeshua actually Heads His Church or His sectualar establishments from the other side of the Veil. Gentiles do not trust that such an arrangement will function successfully. They prefer to think that Yeshua functions through one mortal mouthpiece. Thye think that all things heavenly, that are to be made official on earth, must be funneled through one mortal being who is supposed to be infallible. In so doing they have tied the hands of the Son of God. The word of God does not support the 'only one man' myth. There are numerous examples in Holy Writ and in the contemporary world, of God concurrently functioning through multiple disjointed; mouthpieces, prophets, apostles, representatives, commissioned officers, task leaders, message couriers, and etc. Lucifer is not constrained to channel his directives through just one man and the organization he heads, and neither is Yeshua so fatally limited. It's time to break loose from the false security blanket that is robbing would be faithful of God's greatest gifts, and keeping them relatively stupid compared to the patriarchs who have gone before.

The ministerial authority, connected with both the mortal and heavenly works of God in behalf of mankind, is centered in the person of Yeshua Messiah. There is no other name given upon whom authority is centered. Messiah employs none other in His place. There is never one man on the earth through whom all the dealings of Heaven are bottlenecked. While there is one Gospel Path, one Levitical ministerial authority, one High priesthood and one Patriarchal establishment; they can at times, all appear broken or fragmented from an earthly perspective. The Father doeth the works and where true ministry exists, His works may be confirmed by revelation and authority. The works of God are revealed and manifested directly in the lives of His devotees and all people, and the ministry can only confirm those works by testimony and ceremony. While a man or group of men may have charge of a Divine calling or work, no man is infallible, no man can have a monopoly on God, no man has the final word on anything or has exclusive rights of priesthood and revelation. Yeshua Messiah is the 'anointed one' and the Priesthood after the order of the Son of God, is the only Priesthood on the earth that can confirm with ceremony the works of Father. There is only one high priesthood.

Had true congregations when meeting together for the past 100 years sincerely focus their hearts and minds upon the establishment of Zion, singing songs of it, writing poetry about it, working out all the flaps and visualizing it, more than imagining the cabin on the lake, or how many buildings to constructed, etc. the weekday choices of the people would have favored Zion and denied Babylon and the saints would be well on their way to changing the world without firing a shot. Because the believers have not attracted or drawn Zion into existence by their daily choices and most sincere worshipful visualizations and in their speech one to another, we now have the unpleasant challenge of being overruled by the laborers of anti-Zion, who have prayed and visualized their triumphant predation upon the so called Christian world and the ignorant heathen. Of course the more that such evil people focus on conflict, force and the plunder of honorable people, the more they will attract that same world with wide open mouth upon their own heads.

The Path given by Messiah is that which would have brought righteousness on the earth. Repentance cleanses the people of guilt and corrects their focus. Living the baptisms provided in the Gospel places all faithful souls and material things in a consecrated state under the Law of Messiah. With such an environment engendered, Messiah is made to feel so akin and welcome in the midst of the faithful that He is able to place His name upon His people. Now since Father is bound to protect His only begotten Son and by default that includes anyone, any city-state, or etc. that bears the name of Messiah by living under His constitution, the faithful would have the Father and Son to fight their battles. Without living His Law, there is no wearing of His name, without His name, there is no protection from the enemies of righteousness.

Father is not bound to protect covenant breaking believers any more than He is bound to protect gentiles. Remember that both Abraham and his brother Haran were cast into the furnace. Only one came out alive. Those who equivocate are not in the same camp as those who are fully consecrated and accepting of all Gospel applications. Are there any poor amongst us? Is all surplus wealth being used to build Zion??? Are there any (orphans) faithful maidens unattached to faithful priesthood heads, being forced to remain unmarried and unfruitful or to waste themselves with unfit husbands and dead-end paths? If so, we have not a Messianic level of charity being lived and we cannot call ourselves Christians or Yeshuans. We are not of Abraham until we do the works of Abraham. We are not of Messiah until we do the works of Messiah. Yeshua, and all our true patriarchs, ancient and latter-day, lived a fullness of the Gospel. They restored a fullness of the Gospel. We verbally accept and promise to live a fullness of the Gospel. Messiah cannot and has never rescinded any restored principle or part of the Gospel, because they are all necessary for our protection in the day of judgement and our power in the day of transfiguration. There is not one thread of valid evidence that Messiah has revealed any abridgement of the original restored covenants. To hell with anyone, no matter his blood-line or priesthood geneology, his influence or popularity, who teaches otherwise!

The only thing Father is interested in protecting is His holy name, which is His Kingdom. So wake up! Without His name and a valid unpolluted fully acceptable Temple (not a gentile temple, presently common place) there is absolutely no hope of the believers standing against evil. When will we awaken? When will we consider the awful state we are in? When will we acknowledge Yeshua as our literal Head? Whosoever repenteth and cometh unto HIM will constitute His church. Following after any or all of the corporate backsliding gospel appologist church leaders will never qualify. It doesn't matter how often you have done miracles in His name or prophesied in His name or done many wonderful works in His name. I have administered miracles in His name. I have recieved revelations in His name. But unless we uphold the gospel of Abraham against popular denial, we cannot sufficiently know the Messiah to merit holding His name. As long as we don't know Him by the full Path He restored and represents, how can He profess to know us? Typical religious works are a stink unto Father unless a fulness of the principles and covenants are being acknowledged.

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