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R E V E L A T I O N     O N     P A T R I A R C H A L     M A R R I A G E

(A revelation to Gerromiah, March, 1998. Instead of there being only one mortal man on the earth at a time to minister the High Priesthood ceremonies; actually, Messiah is at the Head, He is "the Anointed" and the High Priesthood is "the medium" of the Anointed. Since the Restoration there have always been many mortal holders of the high priesthood who are regularly directed, to confirm the faith, by Lord Yeshua through the veil. There is however, only one High Priesthood lineage on the earth at a time. The ministry was never comissioned to get between the individual and God, or control personal progression, but to "confirm" by standard ceremony, the progressive work of the Father, in the lives of the faithful.)

Verily thus saith the Lord unto my servant Gerromiah. Thou hast sought to understand what is required for a marriage to be exalted, to experience the joy of eternal increase, even that of eternal lives; and how to know when the required conditions are being met and confirmed? Behold, I am the Lord thy God, and will answer thee:

By the New and Everlasting covenant of marriage, sent forth by the Father, shall a family attain unto eternal lives. A fulness of this covenant includes patriarchal sealing which is the plurality of wives and the sealing of patriarchs in the holy Order of Yehovah.

I shall give a likeness; our Father in heaven is the husbandman. I am the true vine. All marriages which have not grown out of this vine shall have an end beyond the grave. All that have grown out of this vine which do not bear fruit, shall the Father take away. And all having grown out of this vine bearing fruit, shall the Father purge that they shall bring forth in more abundance.

When a family grows out of your Lord, it does so by the will and help of the Father and by revelation and as it is purged, it is sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise. If it does not grow out of your Lord, it is by some other means, and will have an end. There is only one exalted family order, the Order of Yehovah. This Order has established the high priesthood by which each level of faith may be confirmed. When my children hear the will of the Father and have the faith to enter my covenants, and they know that their bonds are by my will; I will at some time confirm their faith by my medium, which is the high priesthood.

Behold, thou art concerned over possible confusion that may arise from verse seven in the Bible of Ephraim (D&C) Sec.132 of the revelation given to my servant Yoseph Testator. I say unto thee, thou shalt put aside the words that were inserted later by the reasoning of others, and understand it as follows:

Verily I say unto you, that the conditions of this law are these; All covenants, obligations, performances, associations or expectations, that are: not founded by Him who is Anointed, meaning revealed by the will of Messiah, and are not purified and sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, and are not confirmed for time and eternity, by the high priesthood after the order of the Son of God, which is the medium of Him who is Anointed, which priesthood I have appointed on the earth to hold this power, and which was restored to the earth by my servant Yoseph Testator, are of no efficacy, virtue, or force in and after the resurrection; for all covenants that are not made unto this end, have an end beyond the estate of flesh and blood.

My servant Yoseph Testator, did not establish, and was not sent, by my word, to teach that there is never more than one mortal on the earth at a time to hold this power, and to confirm this principle of faith. He taught that the power he held was delivered to the apostles. He did not make it clear to all, that there is only one priesthood lineage on the earth at one time having this power. However, the understanding which he then ministered was sufficient, for behold, at that time all of this order of my priesthood, was then gathered under his direction, he being the first apostle of this the dispensation of the fulness of times.

Again, I say unto you, this is the only priesthood commissioned by God to mankind to confirm by witness and ceremony the ordinances of the fulness of the new and everlasting covenant, and this is the only priesthood lineage that has the power to confirm eternal sealings. In this day however, as at certain times of old, I have divided this ministry among separate branches, which is my medium, and not the medium of any mortal. For there is only one name under heaven whereby salvation cometh, and I will employ none other in my stead.

Now I ask a question for the honest in heart to ponder, concerning ministerial authority; Does the progression of mankind come about by ministry control, or is it by the wisperings of the Father, touching within the hearts of mankind? Is the dynamic relationship between the Creator, and mankind, made for the ministry, or is the ministry made to bear witness of that spontaneous growth, brought about by life itself pushing up through the vine? Is the ministry over the Creator? Does it stand between the Creator and mankind? Does a true father put his servant between himself, and the fruit of his loins? Verily I say unto you, the ministry stands at the side, as a servant to the bond between our Creator and His creation, to serve and to confirm each acceptable step, which is finished by the work of the Father.

And I give unto thee more, that understanding may be enlarged and that your questioning may be acknowledged. The sealing of the Holy Spirit of Promise, is given directly by the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, to faithful members of my universal Church at a time that is rght, and by this simple means, they may know their faith is proving true. Thereafter, in mine own due time, the ceremony of the laying on of hands, for this principle, is given to confirm this intelligence.

Behold, in consequence that many of my faithful and ordained shepherds are beset by false traditions, and are much scattered and broken; verily I say, while the confirmation of vows should be fulfilled early, many must be done later, in mine own due time, while they are in the flesh, or by proxy in a sanctified house of the Father.

Each office in the priesthood, from the least unto the greatest, are given increasing keys of stewardship. Wherever there are fewer gospel principles and covenants among those ordained, there is an equivalent lack of power, to confirm the faith. While any servant of the high priesthood may have a fulness of office, to which he is ordained, he will have no power to confirm any faith above his own level of truth, principle and commission. While John bore witness of my baptism and calling, he had no power to confirm it. My calling and covenant was confirmed by the Father, and with the sign of the dove.

As my faithful add grace upon grace, they will seek out the greatest blessings, from my servants who abide the greater principles, and administer the greater callings. For I say unto thee, there are some who choose to maintain this level of principle, and some who choose to maintain another, there are some called to do this work, and some called to do another. As one spirit differs from another in preference, wisdom and intelligence, so likewise are the branches of my ministry.

There are those who claim this lineage, who have not come in at the gate, by my word and ordination. Behold, my children shall watch and pray, that they are not deceived, and they shall discern true ministry, by my word through the Holy Spirit and by the degree of covenant and principle which they minister. A healthy branch of the true vine, is known by its fruit.

While there are numbers of my servants upon the land, who have valid ordination, to confirm eternal marriage, by my word; there are but few who have heeded the call, to share in the stewardship of a fulness of the work, which I gave unto my servant Yoseph Testator. For he was sent to gather much of my people under my spirit, to build an holy house unto the Father, and to bring forth Zion, fair and beautiful, unto the faithful, and terrible in the eyes of the wicked. In this work, shall the greater rewards be obtained.

Nevertheless, the enemy has strolled over the field of brotherly love, and flown through the air of unity; he has trampled the hedge of mine oath and covenant, and has confused those who have been ordained and sent forth in their calling. These have not been released by my word, and many have need to throw off the chains of the adversary, and come unto my Spirit, and remember the work whereof I have called them. Then I will give my servants direction, that the work given to my servant Yoseph Testator, may progress on its wondrous course. As my servants love one another, they shall walk confidently through this time of peril, which is upon the house of Ephraim, and upon the whole earth, for Satan is consoled in the apparent devastation, that is upon My remnants, and in the illusions that engulf the world, and in the destruction that is descending. For the adversary labors to win souls unto himself, and to frustrate the work of the Father.

Therefore, I call upon my servants to become reunited with their Lord. For I shall turn this trouble into a stepping stone, whereby I may hasten the growth of my faithful, unto principles which were had in days of old.

Now, I say unto my servants who hear my voice, who are not blind to the carnage upon my flocks; Seek to know who thy brethren are, and to support each other in principles of truth and unity. The adversary desires to separate you and thereby to sift you as wheat. Ye shall not minister by fear and carnal commandments. Ye shall let nothing come between the Holy Spirit and your own heart, mind and voice. Call upon the Father in the name of Yeshua Messiah for further instructions, and I will give thee guidance, and gather many together in love and true patriarchal bonds, which is after the order of Yehovah. I will guide thee in behalf of the work of the Father, for I am the true vine, ye are the branches, and I would that ye listen to my voice and prepare to bring forth fruit meet for the Father's kingdom. Ahman.

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