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PatriArticle 8
J O Y F U L     P R O D U C E R
Willing and suitable productivity
with Natural abundance and a thankful heart;
is the foundation of personal understanding,
opportunity, fulfillment and joy.
Most endeavors can be accurately qualified, using the standard that joy is at the root of all valid concerns, and that productivity is at the root of joy.

The primary purpose of life is to have joy. We are taught to become like little children. What do little children do every waking hour. They seek ways to have fun. When it stops being fun, they loose interest. We must realize life is a playground. Little children know it. We need to remember. We should seek to do and learn fun things. We should put fun in the other things we do. In doing so we will live longer and healthier lives.

We understand mankind to possess the same genetic heritage with that of our Creator and that we experience happiness when we accept, achieve, and fulfill productive endeavors in all our lives. Suitable productivity or creativity is the foundation and source of true happiness. Those who accept this principle will soon realize the destructiveness of anything that robs people of the principle of stewardship and learning personal responsibility. Any body of faithful who accept the principle that they should be "...anxiously engaged in a good cause and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much riehteousness." (BOE.Sec58:27), will become a strong and formidable society.

"For man is spirit. The elements are eternal, and spirit and element; inseparably bonded, receive a fulness of joy; when separated, man cannot receive a fulness of joy," (BOE.Sec93:33-34)

Since it is true that happiness is the purpose of existence, and now it is clear we cannot experience a fullness of happiness until our spirit has achieved a condition where spirit and body are inseparable, and we understand that we are responsible for our choices; we may conclude that, by our choices we can effect the outcome of our ultimate state of progression and level of happiness. We therefore practice experiencing happiness by accepting, achieving and fulfilling productive responsibilities in all our lives.

This is not to ignore that some choices cannot be made without certain circumstances being provided and certain invitations being given. For example we must be provided by invitation certain higher applications of the true Path before we may choose to walk it. Nevertheless when provided a place on the Path, mankind can act responsibly to that portion at hand and thereby achieve greater happiness as that walk advances forward to a fullness.

Happiness is a function of responsibility. If we are not taught responsibility or have not the opportunity to act responsibly, then we are being cheated out of some happiness. A people of Constitutional liberty have greater opportunity to act responsibly. An enslaved people are so controlled that they have less opportunity to practice responsibility. Lucifer and evil governments want people to be enslaved so they deny people opportunities of responsibility and therefore deny access to greater happiness. While Lucifer and all evil leaders want control over all people in every aspect of their lives, they are the ultimate avoiders of responsibility and accountability. They will hear nothing of truth and God, and are therefore most unhappy and radiate fear, weakness, a bottomless unacceptance of all mankind and a thinning of gender identity.

On the other hand, Yehovah is the personification of responsibility to true principle, accountability, productivity and progression, and therefore radiates an eternal weight of true love and acceptance for all mankind, and of unbounding intelligence, omnipotence, thick gender identity and an abundance of happiness topped with a supremely prolific sense of humor. In so living, He has become perfect even as His Father in Heaven is perfect. "As mankind is, our Gods and Godessess once were, as the Gods and Godessess are, mankind may become."

There is hope for everyone. Every soul is worth saving. True happiness is in reach when we reach for and accept the perfect assistance of Messiah. No situation is too difficult for Messiah to resolve. No life is so off course that Messiah cannot bring it back. No relationship is so torn that Messiah cannot mend. No personality is so twisted that Messiah cannnot straighten it. No heart is so evil that Messiah cannot cleanse it and because He is perfection, He has the utmost interest in helping and prospering every individual.

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