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Agent - Emisarial steward; one's self who is accountable to and a representative in behalf of, spokesman for, or extension of, a higher ranking person, authority or entity.       TOP     HOME

Agent Unto One's Self- Emissary and steward of one's master to one's self and stewardship with conformation of one's personal will to the will of one's master, foremost at heart.       TOP     HOME

BOE - Bible of Ephraim - The revelations and inspired writings given to the prophets of Ephraim beginning with the prophet Yoseph Testator who founded the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times in 1820 and who brought forth the Book of Mormon through the gift and power of God. The Bible of Ephraim is in the conceptual stage awaiting the work of trustworthy priesthood scribes to compile it. It will include all of Yoseph Testator's revelations, as found in the "Doctrine and Covenants" and "Pearl of Great Price" and many revelations of he and other founding prophets who came after him, on through all unpublished edifying revelations of prophets who followed through the year 1999. The year 1999 is arbitrary as a target point to wratp up the research on this volume. There will be the revelations found in the volume "Unpublished Revelations" by Collier. There will be the revelatins of Gerald Peterson Sr. There will be the revelations received by those in the Order of CYMPLE. There will be the testimony of Messiah and prophetic warnings to America and the World of the Rev. Sung Mung Moon, the prophet Dumitru Duduman and any others who have risen up in the name of the Lord to testivy of Messiah and prophesy to the people. There will also be inspired naratives linking some of the key historical events of this Messianic latter day movement. And it is hoped that some day it will contain the prophesies of our great patriarch Yoseph, son of Israel.       TOP     HOME

BOM - Bible of Mannasseh or Book of Mormon - The revelations and inspired writings given to the prophets of Mannasseh and other pre latter day American prophets and inspired works, beginning with the Word of God Typically known as the Book of Mormon brought forth by the Prophet Yoseph Testator who by the power of God translated the work from reformed egyptian that was written on ancient gold plates. The Bible of Mannasseh is in a conceptual stage in as much as only one third of the original plates have been translated and there may be additional works known to exist from ancient American archeology containing inspired historical naratives and testimony of Messiah and special prophecies, yet to be collected.       TOP     HOME

BOJ - Bible of Judah - The Bible of Judah is in a conceptual stage at present. It will consist of the Word of God typically known as the Bible that includes the Old Testament and New Testament that will be worded or rendered in terminology commensurate with patriarchal restorationist covenant theology. It will also include some of the works that were known at the time the Bible was compiled but were not included in the Bible, for example the Book of Thomas and other of the works that have been labeled 'apocrypha' and 'apocryphal'. The Bible of Judah is awaiting the work of trustworthy priesthood scribes to compile it.       TOP     HOME

Consecrated United Order - An organization of families, each having a voting representative in their own Order Council. The families live the Messianic Gospel principle of having "all things in common where there is neither rich nor poor amongst them". The families receive property stewardship that cannot be taken from them, and all excess wealth is consecrated to their own Order Council for management under the guidance of Lord Yeshua. All members of accountable age are personally consecrated to Lord Yeshua by the covenant of baptism. The families are initially formed together by revelation and their agreement of unity is similar to a marriage, or sealing together of family heads. Selfish acts that intentionally damage or undermine the unity and equality is considered adulterous. 'Sameness' amongst members, is not encouraged, while individuality is supported. A regular partaking of the ceremony of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, using one wine cup and one loaf of bread, served directly to each baptized member, is engaged to renew and empower this collective covenant within this extended family. Each Order has one Patriarch who presides. Members in good standing in one Order who visit and participate with a different Order, will carry with them an official note of recommendation issued by the Patriarch of the home Order.       TOP     HOME

Covenant - The parties to a binding agreement and or the agreement itself. A church or membership body who are bound together or united by mutual agreements.       TOP    HOME

Covenant Theology - Salvation and all Divine rewards are based on faithfulness to unchangeable Gospel covenants, i.e. the New and Everlasting Covenant. In contrast many Christian religions, even though they may claim to have valid covenants with Lord Yeshua, seem to base salvation on one's works and or Divine grace. Covenant theology acknowledges that works and grace have a place, but we state the crucial or operative ingredient to salvation is one's faithfulness to covenants and that the greater covenants one is invited to engage and fulfill, all the more greater level of salvation is made available. It boils down to: do you have a valid handshake with Lord Yeshua, and is it the level of agreement you are hoping for? When Lord Yeshua says to many pseudo church people, "Depart from Me, I never knew you." He is referring to the fact there was no legitimate agreement and being a God of order, He cannot allow presumptuousness to crash His programs and premises.
    Covenant theology also includes a continuation in honoring the covenants and promises given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This involves the faithful preparing to participate in the latter days with the mission of establishing communities of Zion, or holy places, in preparation for the translations of the planet.
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CYM - Covenant Yeshua Messiah - The latter day religious congress of independent patriarchal consecrated united orders. The agreement that confederates the consecrated united order in a network of cooperation. This congress of religious orders is hosted and sponsored by CYMPLE that is centered in Utah, USA. CYM is dedicated to coordinating all networking between independent latter day consecrated united orders for the preservation and advancement of the covenants and values of this, the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.       TOP     HOME

CYMPLE - Covenant Yeshua Messiah Patriarchal Lineage Ephraim - The latter day independent patriarchal consecrated united order that hosts CYM, the congress of independent consecrated united orders. It is also dedicated for the preservation and advancement of the covenants and values of this, the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.       TOP     HOME

Dispensation of the Fullness of Times - The latter day restoration of the Gospel and Priesthood through Divine revelation to living prophets and apostles, beginning in 1820, when Yoseph Testator received direct testimony of the Father and Son, being followed by the incremental restoration of all principles spoken by the mouths of all the holy prophets since the days of Adam, as a forerunner to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth and the dawn of the Millennial reign of Messiah.       TOP     HOME

Free / Freedom - Being without unacceptable or unnatural: attachments, agreements or accountability conditions.       TOP     HOME

Free Agent- Accountability to one's self only, for one's own personal maintenance and management including all that one owns or has control over. (NOTE: No person is a "free agent". We own nothing and we are therefore responsible to our Creator to represent His interests in our lives. See: Agent Unto One's self)       TOP     HOME

Free Will - Ability or empowerment of Self to direct one's own power of analytical thinking, memory, focus, value judgment, conclusion formulation and preferencing.       TOP     HOME

Intent - Will, formulated in well defined ideas or pictures and intensified to greater or lesser degrees by strong emotion and/or persistence.       TOP     HOME

Self - Conscious living personality, or an extension of or independent personification of the Holy Spirit or God Universe, having independent and inalienable possession of Free Will.       TOP     HOME

Self Interest - Self directed focus upon, choices and actions devoted for any degree of direct or indirect intentional benefit or improvement of one's personal material condition, spiritual condition, stewardship, general circumstances and state of mind, taking into consideration all other known and related relationships and external conditions and any preferences, regardless of who is or is not benefited.       TOP     HOME

Steward - One's self who is accountable to a higher ranking person or entity for the maintenance and management of an agreed upon responsibility or employment.       TOP     HOME

Patriarchal - the idealic marital relationship of husband and wife or wives being equal in status and all mutually agreeing upon all family standards and goals. Many worldwide cultures support a corrupted derogatory definition to poison people against the truth. It hasn't helped that many religious chauvinist cultures, who may call themselves patriarchal, have reinforced a negative reputation on the term. However, Adam through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob own the term and constitute the true perspective. In true patriarchal order the husband and all single male adult members, are servants for the comforts and best interests of the wives, women and children.       TOP     HOME

Prosper - Prosperity - The state of being in harmony with who one is, what one's purposes and interests are and having the means to act responsibly toward those ends.       TOP     HOME

Will - Conscious possession of the power or ability of analytical thinking, memory and mental concentration combined with the abilities of value judgment, conclusion formulation and conclusion preferencing.       TOP     HOME

Yeshuan - (yesh' oo an) Yeshua (ye shoo' ah) is a rendering of the actual name that Jesus of Nazareth was known by amongst His own people. A Yeshuan is a disciple of Lord Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) who is focused on the purest possible interpretation and application of the teachings of lord Yeshua Messiah, without regard to worldly popularity or acceptance.       TOP     HOME

Yoseph Testator - In short, this is Joseph Smith Jr. restorer of the fullness of the Gospel and ministerial priesthoods in these latter days and founding prophet of this the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. 'Testator' is a Divine title that refers to temporal sanctifier. The family of Adam has a presidency that oversees the progression of man and the implementation of the craft of God, to usher the earth and mankind through this telestial (mortal) dimension and beyond. This elite Presidency consists of God the Father, God the Savior and the Testator or Temporal Sanctifier. God the Father came as Adam in the beginning to deliver the saving Gospel to the patriarchs along with many other planned accomplishments. God the Savior came in the meridian of time as Yeshua Messiah to bare witness of the Father, to restore the Gospel of the Father, and allow for His own Crucifixion for the sins of the faithful. The Testator came in the latter days to bare personal second witness of the Father and Son, to restore a fullness of the Gospel of the Father, to deliver to the faithful new cooberating scriptures and to establish the law of consecrated united order over all lands under the control of the faithful, to thereby help fulfill the mission of Abraham and to prepare the earth for the second coming of Messiah.       TOP     HOME

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