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Patriarticle 9

E T E R N A L     P R O G R E S S I O N

Divine advancement requires:
reliable knowledge, possibility thinking,
innovations of true principle, honoring valid covenants
and trusting the Holy Spirit.

Eternal progression has an honest mind, a humble heart, derives memorable value from surmounted errors and gratefully abides lesser known, expansive applications of true principle as invited through covenants. We maintain: a ready stance, a healthy body and a receptive mind; and we seek to understand new circumstances and advanced precepts; as we prepare to engage graduating applications of covenant principles, as invited by the Spirit of Truth in Messianic Love.

"For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:" (BOJ.Isa28:20)

Heaven is a comfort zone, Earth is not! This Planet is not a place to lay back and rest upon one's laurels. Just as the labors of a two year young adult religious mission can influence the vigilance of a remaining lifetime; the day of this life is the day to internalize patterns of character that will set the tone of the road ahead.

In order to be ready to receive higher principles we are responsible to maintain our body and mind in optimum health and readiness. We should be continually learning. The mortal experience on this particular planet is comparable to a most highly esteemed university and most professional internship where the practice of true principle is in total focus. Being blind sided is routine, if we are not alert. If we are found coasting on our laurels we will most assuredly be caught in some learning shock.

Never say, "All is well". Never think we have arrived. Never say we have the truth and nothing can exceed what we think we have. Turning a deaf ear to challenges of our belief system or to what’s really happening behind the scenes is not a sign of strength but of fear and weakness. If we truly want to be like Father in Heaven, we will eagerly accept every challenge to our comfortable belief system and consider it in all light of reason and prayer, putting aside all self centeredness and fear of change or loss. In this mode we will receive the greatest education and most accelerated advancement.

Fear is a blocker of progression. If we fear to question leadership or fear to stay the course when leaders loose courage and deviate, we have failed an important character test. If we are afraid to change or to loose associations and wealth at the appearance of new information, we are not ready to sit down with Abraham, Isaac, Israel and Yoseph.

If we are a disciple and we have truly set our heart on the greatest gifts of God, we must stay true to our heart. The faithful must do and become whatever hits their heartfelt fancy. True disciples are wasting their time in a church that is not at least requiring acceptance to all of the covenants and adhearance to the sacrifice of all things on the altar as the Path requires.

Contemporary leaders can and do lead astray, big time. That is not a problem for mediocre disciples who accept compromise. However, if you are a hundred percenter, you need to ignore the popular noise and just about everything you’ve ever been taught. Study the facts and listen to the Spirit. Be truthful.

Has not the Spirit whispered to you; “Surely Father requires more than what the church and leaders are requiring for the desired outcome.” Will it really surprise you, if you are denied the eternal reward you are deeply hoping for and told you need to first live certain principles and rise to greater levels of personal responsibility. Will you be shocked to learn that to rely upon one’s leaders to do one’s thinking is a serious character flaw.

Modern corrupt churches are unwilling to defend true principle before a gentile world. Gentile churches pay attention to political correctness and fear public or membership outcry, or the reduction of government benefits. Such decietful, hypocritical, empty shells of copy cat, walk the walk and talk the talk preachers are not worthy of the tithes of the faithful.

Eternal Progression happens incrementally but not necessarily slowly. When so called priesthood authority imposes a ceiling on your progression, especially against that of the order which the Spirit is nudging you toward, that authority is invalid. Yeshua has promised that His arm of salvation would not be shortened. When a church says to an otherwise faithful devotee that, he or she is to be denied indefinitely living any principle of the Gospel, or that God has closed certain doors of salvation; that church is out of order with God, and is in some degree of adulteratino of its covenants with Messiah.

This is the dispensation of the fullness of times and contrary to popular wish and allegation, God has never suspended or retracted any part of the fullness of the Gospel covenants. Yoseph and Hyrum did not spill their blood just so the Restoration could park all the covenants and seek conformity with the world. God did not suddenly become ashamed of the fullness of the covenants.

Search it out, all the reason and proof is easily available. Or, are you afraid to know the truth. If so, you are disqualifying yourself from any celestial level of association. Maybe such an one shoule get used to the prospect of living with either the hypocrites or if you are lucky, the so called “honorable” people of the earth.

Whenever Eternal Progression has been institutionaly parked on some lowest common denominator of idleness, know this, that institution is not at the center of the work of the Lord, adulteration has set in and evil’s strategy is dominating in that part of the Lord's vineyard.

Eternal progression takes place best when these 5 related qualities and practices are intricatly understood and engaged.       CYMPLE

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