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PatriArticle 4
D I V I N E     P E R F E C T I O N
The Order of Yehovah; has dominion over all things,
presides as our Creator race, secures all human rights and
radiates the perfection of all character attributes.
Some people are inclined to doubt or question some of the teachings and acts of the God of Abraham. Once we are knowledgable that all Divine acts and words originate from perfect character qualities we can be assured that every act and teaching is based on some fundamental wisdom waiting to be understood.

      What is generally true about any one Yehovah familly unit, consisting of a God and His Goddess companions, is generally true about all members of this Holy Order.   The title "Yehovah" is the name of the office of our God indicating our Father in Heaven is a member of the Order of Yehovah, or also known as the Order of Saviors, representing a family tree and community of Gods and Goddessess, some of Whom are the literal progenitors of the spirits of mankind. The holding of such a title implies our Father in Heaven has fulfilled the calling of Sacrificial Lamb, at least once.

      Because of the love of Yehovah and that mankind is Their offspring, because They eternally choose to live all Eternal Attributes, such as Prosperity and Stewardship, etc. They therefore never loose interest in Their creation, in each person, no matter how much or how long we may deny Them or procrastinate our advancement. While He will remain full of love, perfection and in Balance with the Universe, we will either eventually learn to appreciate His great mercy and seek to draw closer to His Order or we will choose to incrementally destroy ourselves by turning from the light. It does not matter how many lives we will experience before chosing to draw close to Yehovah and finally arrive home to some state of glory. It is our choice, 'Free will' provides the wild card whereby we can rebell against the light and our positive potential to the extent of our total destruction, or seek to fulfill the full measure of our created potential.

      God is a perfect steward, He values every creation, and He will stay the course with us until a final accounting can be made. We will all return to Him in some form of perfection or except those who will have engineered their own incremental destruction. In that event God will be blameless, for Yehovah will have provided every possible avenue along the path for such a rebel to turn back. After all saving oportunities have been refused, God will recycle the left-over material into a creation that will hopefully do better. Intelligence is a gift or talent, if it is denied, it can depart and be released for God to reclaim for new creations. God does not waste any of His creation. He unwaveringly will never desire to cut anyone adrift as that would be irresponsible. People are His most important asset. By His own eternal Attributes Yehovah seeks to Prosper every living being. You have but to open your eyes and look to find ways, not necessarily according to ignorant preference, in which Yehovah has and is prospering you. God the Father and the Order of Yehovah will never, never, no never choose to give up on you no matter how prideful you are or how bad you think you have become.

The office of Yehovah is held jointly by our celestial male progenator and His exalted wives. Who are masters of Eternal Attributes ('laws', if you must). When referring to God and describing God we usually refer to, or think of the masculine member of the office. However, be mindful, the loving feminine members who gave birth to our spirits and those who stand as Godesses with His Holiness are correspondingly complete with all celestial Attributes such as omnipotence, purity, overflowing femininity, abounding in wisdom, justice, truth and charity. They together, in willing and conscientious harmony, constitute the office of Yehovah, or Man of Holiness. It may not be easy to think that these terms refer to Godesses too. However, there is no Yehovah, there is no 'Man of Holiness' without both genders standing together with different rolls in full equality. They cannot be separated and furthermore because They always have a plurality of wives, there is actually more numbers of the feminine members standing in each such office than males. That makes the celestial ruling class weighted much more heavily to the feminine side. Indeed the needs and objectives of the Goddessess in Heaven dictate the priorities of the male Gods.

      The male member of Yehovah Creator is our most Holy, all powerful, thoroughly innocent and fully masculine personal God of pure love, simple truth, perfect justice and the focus of our worship and reference.

      We acknowledge for each member of the office of Yehovah, perfect wisdom and Divine love at the root of every:   teaching   action   blessing   challenge   peril   and apparent:   calamity   contradiction   or   perplexity,   of which Yehovah, our Creator is the author. This is to saw, all acts of Yehovah in atiquity make prefect sense against wisdom and truth when all the facts are known.

      Yehovah has stated Their purpose for placing mankind on Earth:"We will go down for there is space there, and We will make an earth whereon these may dwell. And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them;" (BOE.Abr3:25)   Therefore every earthly experience is an opportunity for practice and learning. Every earthly experience has value and can contribute to our growth and understanding if we simply try, like a little child, to do and endure all things. Mortality is challenging for a wise and good reason.

      Spending one's life rejecting God and thus necessarily living as a victim of circumstances is stuborn, is wasteful and is the same as making war against self, truth and reason. People are not victims but rather honored students, apprentices, and heirs to endless glory. There is the need to separate events and conditions promoted and caused by humans and nature, from those promoted and caused by God. There are those events caused by God that seem vengeful, unjust or false when actually the opposite is the case, when the facts are understood. The truth helps one to get over blaming Heaven for undesirable consequences and to rather assume the responsibility to change things for the better when possible. Of those offenses caused by nature and humans, that cannot be changed, God provides assistance whereby the faithful may also learn, get through it and gain character if they so choose.

      Oh how unprofound it is, of those who say that because of all the suffering in the world today, there could not exist a God of love? Or because the earth experiences events like the tsunami of 2005 killing 240,000 thousands of people, He is no God of justice. It is not honest to assume that because He allowed or caused the deaths of many numbers of people according to the Old Testament, that He is a false or prejudiced God? While it is obvious that untimely deaths do occur, it is not so obvious that such occurances have a possitive purpose and can become a blessing. There is a just, a true and a loving explanation for everything God administers and allows to happen. Mankind's popular thinking has become poisoned against truth and prone to use God as an excuse for personal irresponsibility or naivity. God is perfection and has no will or motive to act against His or mankind's best interest. On the otherhand, people have motive to ignore truth that they may be all the more set on doing their own will. They simply don't want to know that our God and Goddesses known as Yehovah, are personal and loving, just and true throughout all time for ever and ever toward all humanity.

      There are some who have had a personal loss in life or a dreadful experience, and have chosen to blame or be angry at God and they may subconsciously desire to tempt Him to prove His love. They may be refusing faithfulness until God shows some unmistakable sign of His concern, thinking they now have a justification in doing their own will outside of God's grace. Yet in many cases the dreadful experience was a blessing and delibrate gift from God as an opportunity for the individual to grow in ways agreed prior to this life. If so, such an individual will greatly serve him or her self best by embracing that experience which is hated, to discover and focus on the benefits of such a trial. In doing so they can re-establish their needed and valuable relationship with a loving God who will rejoice that their soul is again taking a healthy perspective on life.

      In the case where a dreadful experience is not a gift from God, but rather an act of nature or of rebellious beings, it is invariably found that the angels of God have attended the circumstance and administered needed and useful assistance. Where it seems that God is not attending to one's life experiences there is usually a subliminal message waiting to be heard when the necessary degree of willingness is engaged. He will not force Himself upon His children who refuse His help. He is in no hurry. There is no such thing as time constraints in your relationship with Heaven. You have all the time and lives you require to get it right.

      There is usually a loving purpose in every personís existence and in every event no matter which side of the equation a person is on? Whether one is doing the acting or the one being acted upon. There is even reason to be grateful for the punishment of hell, which incidentally is not endless, if it will accomplish what it is intended. Will explanations be provided immediately? No, sometimes it will be a long time in coming, but it will come. Gratitude is the key to the book of explanations and the door to the next step in life.

      Any entrenched criticism of God for what He allows to go on, or for what He directed in times past that seemed to be ridiculous, cruel or otherwise unreasonable is transparently self serving and inherently ignorant. There is a reasonable explanation for every act of God and the habit of mankind to judge God or become prejudiced against Him without hearing Him out and gaining the applicable facts is just a childish ploy to discredit God and justify a nearsighted and self abusive existence. In many cases the ancient account of God's dealings, has been tampered with and critical facts have been deliberately deleted to more easily entrap souls to increase the company of the unbelieving.

      Many have had some trouble understanding the works of Father due to their misgivings about the shortness of time and the limits imposed by a false belief that there is only one mortal experience per person. The idea that we can only have one mortal lifetime is a scarcity misconception introduced to mankind by false and fear laden leaders either deceived themselves or just lustful to control others. Life is a continuum of many mortalities and spiritual estates, many events that seem unfair must be viewed with their connection to related past and future estate or dimension threads before their value can be fully appreciated. Many of our friends and companions in this life have traveled with us in other lives in possibly reversed roles. The arguments against this principle do not stand and can be worked out.

      While the ways of mankind are often cruel and self centered, the ways of the Order of Yehovah are always for the best welfare of both the Kingdom of God and mankind.   The "Win-Win" perspective is an eternal principle, not an invention of man.   It is the principle of creating greater value from the exchange of value.   It is in Yehoveh's best interest to joyously labor to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind.   It is in mankind's best interest to joyously labor to glorify God by the way we willingly live.   As we give value to God and His Word by becoming personifyers of true principle, God gives value to the faithful by offering heirship in His kingdom.   Immeasurable value is created in the exchange.   God is glorified by the replication of another exalted covenant community.   A jewel in His crown.   His productivity has brought Him another treasure of eternal happiness.   By submitting to the Lamb of God and pesonifying true principle to the higher celestial degrees of application, the faithful are glorified to be co-heirs of Creation.   The family circles of the new community will enjoy and rejoice in all the powers naturally available to the perfected human species.   The ultimate example of productivity and happiness is played out in the love story between Yehovah Father and His faithful children.   To enter this wonderland all one needs is a believing and grateful heart,   hmmm...   something a simple child can be very capable of possessing.

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