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D I V I N E     A U T H O R I T Y

A look at Priesthood and the Four Orders of Divine Authority.

Some want to define priesthood as the "power of God" as if being ordained endows a person with extra powers; as if our "Lord and the Redeemer hath done His work and hath given His power unto men." (BOM 2Ne 28:5)     As if! NOT!
    It seems in too many churches people tend to both fear and idolize the office holders. It seems the higher the office holder, the greater the degree of fear and celebrity treatment. Common members are found ego feasting for weeks for having just seen, or spoken with or shaken the hand of a top church authority. Is this not unhealthy, and is it not due to some twisted concept of what priesthood is?

Isn't it misleading to define Priesthood in this way, as the "power of God"? Can it even be misleading to define priesthood as the power to act in God's name? Doesn't this imply the ability to act without being directed by God? Is not Priesthood a position of service or employment, whereby those so authorized may only behave as directed? Is not a holder of true priesthood just an extension of our Lord. As an 'extension', is it normal to act independent of your source. If you are not given to act independent, can it really be said that you are empowered?

It's difficult to think of a scriptural example where a servant of God holding ordained priesthood could act outside of immediate Divine direction. There was an event where a pure and holy prophet was so trustworthy and faithful that he was given management of a drought that was ensuing. He was given authority to extend or close the drought at his own discretion. Still, his discretion was over a specific limited area of concern.
    In all normal circumstances, a minister of the priesthood can no more act independent of our Lord than the finger should tighten or extend independent of the brain. How would you feel if your limbs and digits acted completely at their own discretion? Is this not like how Father and Yeshua feel when we try to act in Their authority without being directed or permitted?

Are not all authoritative actions under our Lord only valid if they are specifically promoted by Him? Should the hand perform works that are not directed by the brain? Does the hand have the same power as the brain? Does the hand or foot understand the duties and intents and priorities of the brain? NO! Do they have the power to act as if they are the brain? NO. A hand or foot is employed by the brain to do the bidding of the brain. It seems if we are to define the authority of God held by man we should not imply any power of prerogative to act independent of our Lord. Yet most brethren in authority believe God has given his power to them. But where is this in scripture? Even Moses was punished for a slip of the tongue when he implied it was he who provided the miracle that caused the water to gush forth from the stone.

It seems the majority of the empowerment that forms around church leaders really comes from the general membership offering blind obedience and unjustified adoration. With this power the leaders can deflect all awareness of their own shortfall to lead in the establishment of holy communities and to warn against civil corruption, while getting away with implying all failures are the fault of an imperfect and disobedient membership. This is abuse of ill gotten power and priestcraft.

Maybe it is just semantics, but it is hard to be comfortable any more using the word "power" to help define what mortals hold when they hold Divine authority. Maybe it is uncomfortable because bad things happen when people think they have been empowered. So instead of the word 'power' when someone asks, "What is priesthood?" and they just need the short answer, maybe they should be told, "it is the permit of God." So while we may have an inalienable right and therefore empowerment to freedom of speech, maybe we only have a permit to say or do specific things in the name of God.

This look at Priesthood, will not focus on verifying the fact that God does permit a portion of His authority to mortals. There are ample Scriptural accounts of it having been permitted. Instead this will take a look at those who lump all priesthood authority in to one class or order and claim that it is bestowed upon mortals simply through their love of the Word of God and testimony of His redeeming grace. Well if some converts to Messiah believe all priesthood can be presumed simply by a love for Holy Writ and a desire to serve, maybe the burden is on them to show just one verifiable example in the Word of God.

Therefore, this writing is offered to help explain the practical and indispensable purposes of the duly delegated or implied authority of God entrusted and permitted to select mortals. It will address four apparent orders of Divine authority, through the perspective of patriarchal covenant theology.

Four Orders of Divine Authority

(1) The authority of the Word of God, or the Authority of the Bible
    By the authority of the Word of God (WG), we have many general concepts, directives, promises and guarantees given to mankind from Heaven. For example, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. ...Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
    However, by general consensus, if some doctrine is not found in Scriptural context, it is not considered a principle binding upon the faithful, and conversely, if some doctrine or principle clearly exists in holy Writ, it cannot be deleted by mankind.
    While the authority of the Word of God is not considered by covenant Yeshuans that priesthood having permit to bind or loose in Heaven, it certainly is an order or category of the authority of God. Those having no other impetus than the Word, who truly minister what they do receive as Divinely directed on a frequent basis, could be thought of as having a ministry. If such ministers assume they have more authority than they have actually been permitted, well, they can better determine how presumptive they have been when their opinion is not clouded by their payroll or other worldly pressures.
    The Word of God or Eternal truth may be found in more places than one might expect. It is in Nature, in personal experience, in scholarly declarations of principles, promises and guarantees of God by which mankind derives general directives and guidelines and hope for positive consequences, enlightenment, assistance and rewards. The WG can be found in many sources of ancient writings beyond those which some believing bodies have accepted and canonized as Scripture. The WG is also more dynamic, for it is given by direct living revelation through the Holy Spirit, Angels and even God in person, which direct contact is necessary for; mankind's general welfare, for the ordained ministry and for all the faithful, to function in harmony with Heaven.
    Reading the Word of God is one way of beholding God. Another way of becoming aware of His Word is to see what his Word has "made flesh" or brought forth in the material world. "The earth rolls upon her wings, and the sun giveth his light by day, and the moon giveth her lighjt by night, and the stars also give their light, as they roll upon their wings in their glory, in the midst of the power of God. Unto what shall I liken these kingdoms, that ye may understand. Behold all these are kingdoms, and any man who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen God moving in his majesty and power. " From this we can derive that all material creation is God and testifies of God. The more we study creation, high and low, inside and outside, the micro and the macro. the more we observe the Word of God.
    This is probably wasted on this audience but just a word for the Atheists: What you believe is your choice, however look around you with the eyes of wisdom: look within, look without, look high, look low, look at the micro, look at the macro.... You say you can't see God, yet, you are still accountable for the obvious, if to no one else but yourself. And when is comes to judgement day, you may not be able to continue the notion that you have never seen God, you may know you have been seeing God everywhere, and you may not be able to stop the flood of guilt and remorse for having been so prideful. Deep regret and self judgement will probably have more of an incarcerating effect than anything.
    Just surveying what we have in the written Word of God; we have the Bible of Judah, the Bible of Manasseh (Book of Mormon), and the Bible of Ephraim. At some near future point as promised in the Bible of Manasseh we will be able to read the Bible of the Lost Tribes. "Wherefore, because that ye have a Bible ye need not suppose that it contains all my words; neither need ye suppose that I have not caused more to be written. Fot I command men, both in the east and in the west, and in the north, and in the south, and in the islands of the sea, that they shall write the words that I shall speak unto them..." This passage continiues to prophecy that the House of Judah and the House of Joseph and the Lost Tribes shall all have each other's Holy Scriptures. And then prophesies, "And it shall come to pass that my people, which are of the house of Israel, shall be gathered home unto the lands of their posssessions; and my word shall also be gathered in one. And I will show unto them that fight against my word and against my people, that I am God, and that I covenanted with Abraham that I would remember his seed forever. "
    The greatest expression of the Word of God is to Love God with all thy heart, mind and strength, and to love thy neighbor as thyself... and to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.

(2) The authority of Patriarchal Priesthood
    Patriarchal Authority (PA) establishes Stewardship throughout all creation, among the heavens and the earth, including natural or adopted relationships, basic order, boundaries and channels of loyalty or devotion. This authority is evident in all creation, both macro, and micro. The planets are bound to the Sun. The stems of a tree are bound to and mutually serviced with the branches. Children are bound to their parents. Brothers are bound in brotherhood, sisters in sisterhood.
    Each relationship carries authority, blessings and responsibilities. Most of these relationships are created by God through natural methods. Some are grafted or adopted or maybe thrown together by time and circumstance. Regardless of how these are put in place, the more we harmonize with and devote loyalty to our God given relationships, the better we will be blessed. When we abandon a blessed bond and prefer some imposer or impostor, the more we adulterate our bonds and cut off the flow of Divine blessings.
    Because of Patriarchal Authority, which concerns itself with the creative powers, there is such a thing as the Heavens and Hell in existence, including all their inhabitants. Abraham was told that his "seed", or posterity is his priesthood. (Abr. 2:11)

The authority of Ministerial Priesthood
    The purpose of duly ordained ministry is: (1) To offer the Gospel principles and covenants by proclaiming and teaching without coercion; (2) To encourage all to embrace the Gospel covenants by living or exemplifying personal faithfulness and rehearsing historical examples of faithfulness. (3) To confirm fulfillment of faithfulness to the covenants, by Divinely fixed ceremony and by facilitating Heavenly record keeping. Or in other words: to service the covenants. (4) and, To offer all this without price to every nation kindred tongue and people.
    By these two Ministerial priesthoods, God has many promises and guarantees given to Heaven from mankind. The service of confirming faithfulness to the covenants is an indispensable and highly important and sacred service for maintaining order and harmony in all righteous communities in Heaven and on Earth.

(3) The Levitical Ministry, Levitical Priesthood, or the Lesser Priesthood
    'Sanctification' is the word that comes to mind. It is the calling of the Levitical Priesthood (LP) to help guide and finally bear record to Heaven that not only the individual is sanctified but also the land is sanctified and ready at any time to receive our Lord. To be sanctified is to have by some means arrived at a state or condition that is sanctioned by Heaven.
    For an individual to be sanctioned by Heaven, he/she must have, according to the Plan of Redemption, put his/her all upon the altar and have entered a covenant of discipleship under Master Yeshua. It does not mean a state of perfection; rather a state of penance, commitment and sincere intent of discipleship.
    For a land mass such as the city-state of Enoch or the entire planet to be sanctioned, the people of accountable age must all be sanctified or not opposed to compliance, and they must be under the covenant of the Constitution of the Kingdom of God, or not opposed to it, which is similar to the Constitution of the United States of America.
    As each individual becomes sanctified, not perfected or sinless, but sanctioned by Heaven regarding his/her baptismal covenant and sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit, the LP performs the ceremony of baptism and it is recorded in Heaven and the individual is a candidate to be visited by Messiah in due time.
    As the earth becomes sanctified through the ministry of the sons of Levi, metaphorically speaking, but actually through the mission of the House of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, literally speaking; by confirming that sufficient districts and nations have becoming subject to the Constitution of the Kingdom of God, and cleared of defiling elements, the ministerial ceremony is performed which opens the earth to candidacy to be visited by our Messiah and in due time to become baptized with fire.
    The Levitical authority teaches the critically related principles, and performs Eternally fixed confirmatory ceremonies regarding the progression of the faithful toward sanctifying: themselves, their form of government and their lands. If some confident person wants to presume this authority just from the Bible, go out on some hill top and perform some approximate ceremony while calling upon Father, to present himself, his congregation, their form of government and their land as being in a "sanctified" state; well that will be interesting to behold, but we can't really say, "God bless them." knowing He will most likely be offended at the insolence. It is reminiscent of Cain and the sacrifice he attempted to offer.

(4) The Melchizedek Ministry, Melchizedek Priesthood or Priesthood After the Order of the Son of God
    'Purification' is the word that comes to mind. It is the calling of the Melchizedek Priesthood (MP) to receive the individual after they have been sanctified through the ministry of the LP by the principle of the first baptism.
    At the time of this transition, the individual is seated and a blessing is pronounced upon his or her head. This blessing may include various positive and cautionary things of a personal nature by the authority of the Word of God, and somewhere in this blessing the individual will be directed by the authority of the MP to "receive ye the Gift of the Holy Spirit." In this specific authoritative ceremony the individual is being commanded by the High Priesthood to go beyond sanctification and to set a course toward purification, to gain the greatest of all the gifts of God, even that of Eternal Life. To do so the individual now must seek to purify their thoughts and actions, by purifying their Intent. As the individual becomes purified in all Intent, they become a candidate to be visited by the Father in His own due time and be given the promise of Eternal Life.
    This process of purification may take an entire lifetime or several, especially if one is never taught that purifying one's intent is the name of the game. Many people start off with the wrong impression, that they must learn all Christian behavioral rules and adopt a sizable percentage in their habit, and that will fill the bill. They forget to develop pure intent, so they try to live an external Christian walk while leaving the intent of their heart to routinely wander forbidden paths. Work on intent, seek to prosper everyone all the time.

The Original Craft or true Zionism
    PatriArticle 11 - Prophetic Strategy : The faithful work with Father Michael at the original craft: to usher the Earth and mankind, from corruption and death; to prosper all, during a progression of lives and estates, periodic global changes and related Solar events, and to joyfully engage all dimensions of divine glory.
    What is true Zionism? It is the original craft promoted by Father Adam who is Michael the Archangel or God our Father. The craft is ushering the children of God and their physical realm from a state of corruption to a dimension of glory and all successive progressive steps that can follow toward ultimate perfection.
    What does that mean in practical terms. It is what Melchizedek did with his city state of Salem. Melchizedek was a great prince of peace. Abraham and his seed have been permitted by God to perform the same ministry for the entire Planet. It is the work of positioning sufficient numbers of holy communities on our Planet on strategic energy vortexes so as to guarantee the raising of the Planet to the next dimension. Of course Satan is in the business of positioning as much evil as he can on the planet that he might effect a break-up of the globe when the higher energy frequency arrives in full force.
    It should be obvious we are dealing with serious doctrine not available in junior Sunday school. "Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. ... For the Lord shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act." (BOJ.Isaiah 28:9-21)
    The administration of the MP with regard for the Planet comes after the LP through the statutes of the literal Kingdom of God, have banished from the earth the institutions of the dark side and presented to Messiah sufficient numbers of world-wide sanctified communities that are situated in consecrated united orders. At the time of adequate positioning of sanctified Messianic communities on the Planet, our Lord will position Himself at a specific location to constitute the primary antennae to receive the impulse from Father.
    Our Lord may say to Father, something to the effect of, "Father, My brethren and I present to Thee, the Earth cleansed of Thine enemies and filled with Thine covenant communities." And after the Father has acknowledged His approval, our Lord may say to the planet something like, "Earth, I say unto thee, receive ye the Gift of the Holy Spirit!" At that time the higher vibration impulse will make contact with our Planet and the saints and their Planet will no longer be mortal.
    Those not ready for this baptism by fire may be found experiencing a bad day.
    If some confident person and his congregations want to presume this authority from the Bible, and inform Yeshua that they are ready to be presented to the Father for translation; well that will be interesting to behold, but we can't really say, "God bless them." knowing He will most likely be offended at the insolence.
    True Zionism involves the formation of sanctified communities engaged in becoming: pure of all unfaithful Intent, or filled with all benevolent and prosperous Intent. Both sanctification and purification are predicated on fixed principles. There is no guessing or approximating the process.

Least there is some confusion, the LP and the MP are not instruments by which the people become sanctified and purified. These ministries function only to teach the principle and to confirm the status. The Father doeth the works. It is the working of the Father in the hearts of the faithful that they choose to accept being changed. The ministry teaches the principles and confirms any progress that occurs. The ministry are not herdsmen. They serve God at the side of the faithful not over them. The people are the sovereign under God. The Holy Spirit and the Father lead the people in correct principle and the ministry performs Eternally fixed ceremonies that confirm the work of the Father and the progress of the faithful. The faithful can vote to not sustain the leadership at any time.

Many scholars of theology and pastors or bishops skip right over the phrase to "confirm the faith" and ignore all scriptural examples of confirmatory actions of the ministry. They think of priesthood as the power to manipulate and control the memberships; and that power to "confirm" what Father is working out in the hearts of His children is only an incidental duty if they even understand it at all. Actually the MP and LP have no power to control the memberships. Yes, reproof can be dished out, but no form of coercion. Their primary purpose is to bare witness of the Gospel and confirm the Faith or in other words, confirm faithfulness or conformity to the covenants. "The Father doeth the works."

There are many who claim ministerial priesthood authority directly from the pages of the Bible, the Word of God. But if they understood what ministerial authority really is, they would be embarrassed. There are many who claim ministerial authority from an ordination by angels or through a supposed unbroken line from the apostle Peter, but they seldom wield true ministerial authority and rather use some version of gentile dictatorial control, showing forth they also have but little understanding. "And no man takes this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron. So also Christ glorified not himself to be made a high priest; but he that said unto him, You are my Son, today have I begotten you. As he says also in another place, You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.." (Hebr. 5:4-6)

While it is true that one who has MP or LP will teach in harmony with the word of God and the Gospel Path. The reverse does not follow. In other words, just because one is teaching the word of God and the Gospel path, and is a partaker of the Plan of Redemption, does not an ordained minister make. He may be a friend to the work of the Lord only. He may be not harming the work of the Lord. It will not make any difference how illuminated a person becomes by reading the Scriptures or how well they are inspired and think they have connected all the dots of doctrine and prophecy; no not even how great a testimony of Yeshua they experience. It does not make any difference how badly one wants to believe that the Scriptures can ordain them to the ministry, emotion is no substitute for that of being called by revelation and ordained by one having authority.
    Furthermore, it does not matter how badly those; who have valid ordination, have lost understanding of the true purpose of ministry and who mutilate the proper use of it, God cannot abandon any aspect of His Eternal Order or Plan of Redemption that was all ordained before the foundation of the World.
    Those called, who practice priestcraft, or those not called who presume priesthood, will be removed or replaced and they may not even be informed about it. True ministry will continue on the earth unbeknown to the world.

The Aronic or Levitical priesthood was not lost in the fulfillment of the Law of Moses. It was instituted before Moses and continued after Messiah.
    It was by administering the covenants of the LP that Enoch prepared his community for translation to the paradisaical dimension. The covenant of Abraham involves the world wide application of the LP in the later days to help facilitate preparing the earth for the baptism by fire. Most of the imperatives of the Restored work of God in this last dispensation involves works that belong to the LP that relate to establishing Zion.
    However, the churches of the Restoration don't want to be bothered by the imperatives of the Levitical Ministry, the economic order of Zion; or the imperatives of the Melchizedek Ministry namely the social/marital order of Zion. They want to believe they are already acceptable, that they are already sanctified without being required to abide in the principles upon which it is predicated; and they seem to prefer: to build church buildings, enjoy titles like Elder, High Priest, Bishop, etc. and to vicariously endow thousands of supposed names of the dead, with Gospel ceremonies, convert thousands more living tithe payers and court favorable world opinion.

Most contemporary churches abuse their authority whether it is legitimate or not, whether they think they obtained it by the Scriptures or by lineage or revelation. They look at their authority as the tool by which they have the right to control the faithful and disfellowship those who seek more free flowing affiliation. You have the Catholic and Restorationist churches that require a multitude of outward performances; attendance, tithes, church callings, confession testimony of mortal leaders, to speak the speak and walk the walk or you will find yourself marginalized. You get the protestant churches that require a special belief system. If you do not profess a disbelief in some unpopular doctrines, accept their creed and profess how sure you are of being saved, you will find yourself marginalized. You find that priesthood in the minds of most is: God's authority given to man to manipulate the masses. You are required to denounce other Christian groups by mortal theological test points, and to believe creeds and theology that are not part of the Gospel doctrine of Messiah. It is no wonder that some faithful covenant keepers get frustrated and wish to abandon most passages pertaining to serious and genuine ministerial priesthood.

Let's see what the Plan of Redemption can tell us about ministerial priesthood. We are instructed by the authority of the Word to repent and be baptized and that what is bound on earth can be bound in Heaven. We are instructed by the authority of Divine Word that unless we are born of the water and the spirit we can in no wise see the Kingdom of Heaven. We are instructed by the authority of Divine Word that we enter a covenant of discipleship in the Plan and that we give our all upon the altar to Messiah, that we submit our will to our Lord and Master and walk this life under His guidance through the Holy Spirit. We are told by the WG that if we are faithful we will be endowed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which gift is Eternal Life. We witness our Lord commissioning the apostles to go throughout the world declaring the Gospel Plan and baptizing all those who become disciples.

    The Plan of Redemption therefore involves at least one covenant. A covenant is an agreement between two parties where value is to be exchanged. The two parties are responsible to fulfill their own side of the agreement. Usually both parties get involved in assuring that the agreement is faithfully executed or fulfilled. One of the original definitions of faithfulness in many Biblical context has little to do with a personal belief system or one's approval of a concept or trusting. Faithfulness is the fulfilling of one's agreement. In the case of the Plan of Redemption the agreement is that we will develop the heart of, and behave as, a disciple of Lord Yeshua. It is an agreement of Intent, of loyalty. It is between us and our Lord and we are the best judges of how that agreement translates into our daily lives while others have no business judging our walk unless we blatantly trespass obvious moral issues. To be faithful is to be true to your discipleship by boldly declaring Messiah and carefully heeding the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Because the Plan of Redemption has at its core a covenant between the individual and our Messiah, personal salvation is therefore covenant based. One cannot ignore their sacred covenant and expect the grace of God to cover. Those who argue we are saved solely by grace, are mislead. Those who rely on random kind works or sincere grand gestures of charity, to save them are mislead. Those who say we are saved by grace but must be sure that our works reflect a Christian walk are still obscuring the truth. When salvation is covenant based, Heaven is looking at one thing, is the intent of your heart on and do your actions reflect that you are faithfully fulfilling your covenants. Covenant based salvation does include the function of grace, and it does include the function of works, but neither are the backbone of the Plan. Grace goes beyond those who engage the Plan to cover all mankind. Works in most cases are self rewarding and many categories of good works are not directly related to the Plan.

Since salvation is based on individual covenants between millions of persons on Earth and Messiah, Who is based in Heaven, of necessity, a host of authoritative witnesses is required and so is authoritative servicing of all agreements. This is the function of authorized ministerial priesthood. God would not be a God of order if He permitted an army of self appointed ministers teaching personal interpretations of the Gospel. Faithfulness becomes less of a function of favorite beliefs, trusting and random kindness and more a function of anything related to loyalty to one's covenants. Grace plays in anywhere God so chooses and is not ours to declare when and with whom His grace has been applied.

Covenant based salvation necessitates the need of fixed ceremonies or instruments of faith validation and a special or employed ministry officially permitted to promote and service the agreements. Our Lord is a peacemaker and He knows that keeping good records is essential for preventing or settling disputes. The baptismal covenant comes with a promise of great rewards that when understood are coveted by all reasonable people. How many will come and demand the rewards without ever having entered and fulfilled the terms of the respective agreements. Without the ministry confirming each person's entering of the covenants, how will arguments be settled? If Lucifer with one third the host of Heaven could stage an attack against God before we came to Earth, similar numbers could argue against God at the final judgment.

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? and then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity." (Mtt. 7:22-23) Essentially our Lord will be declaring to a presumptuous class of self appointed ministers that He and they have no real history, or record of any agreement; that such would-be ministers acted on their own, for their own glory, and did not have enough character to allow Messiah to invite them and lead them through the appropriate gates. Subversion of the order of God is iniquitous even with the best of intentions.

A look at the ceremony of baptism will help clarify the role for ministry. A spiritually hungry person is listening to an ordained missionary perform his loving duty by offering his personal experiences related to his discipleship and declaring the good news of our Lord. At some moment, the one listening chooses to turn his life over to Messiah. In his heart he confesses his life doesn't add up to very much without a relationship with his Creator. He or she, decides to live as a disciple of Yeshua. This process could take months or seconds, it doesn't matter. The person is at that point agreeing to be a disciple and at that point living the principle of baptism in heart, mind and actions when possible. The person is turning their material and spiritual life over to Messiah. That is the process of becoming a new creature in Messiah.

At this point the missionary has no clue of the person's commitment nor does the local congregation. Heaven is aware of the heart of the person but has no record of his having openly confessed Messiah, and what will this person do when a little persecution takes place, if it were to become public knowledge of his commitment? While this person has made a commitment to follow Messiah, what has he done with regard to the command to repent? If conversion took place in a few seconds, there has not been any time to repent of many of the past trespasses. If conversion has taken place over a few months, what has been done about fixing some of those negative accomplishments?

Lets say the disciple was converted in a matter of minutes. He goes up to John the Baptist and confesses, "I am a sinner, I have sinned against God and my fellow man on many occasions, I will change my ways and make amends. please allow me to declare my discipleship in the waters of baptism." John doesn't know this guy, but he saw him listening to his sermon and the Spirit is telling him to perform the authoritative ceremony. John takes the disciple in the water and raises his own right arm to Heaven in the sign of the Levitical ministry, the angels ordained to minister to John record the ceremonies he performs. By the act of taking the disciple in the water John is witnessing to the local congregation and to Heavenly witnesses that he has been inspired that this disciple is currently living the covenant of baptism or discipleship, and ready to make the agreement of public record. Please note: by performing the baptism, the minister is witnessing that he has Divine word that the initiate is currently living at least in his heart the principle of discipleship/baptism.

John performs the baptism. The agreement is sealed on earth and sealed in Heaven. Each of the local congregation are now on notice that the disciple is a true brother or sister in Yeshuan discipleship. That does not make him a member of their consecrated united order, but it makes him welcome to become an associate as a trial member. The act of the ministry approving a person for baptism satisfies the responsibility for each local disciple to obtain a personal witness of the commitment level of the new person. Without the witness of the ministry, every member of the order would be required, by the principles of Stewardship and Association, to get his or her own personal revelation of the new disciples covenant and intent on faithfulness.

The story is not much different for the disciple that is converted over a few months except the disciple has time to effect some viable penance and affiliate with the local congregation and participate with them in their enterprises so that as a united order they can vote confidently whether to permit full membership or not. Membership is accomplished by a vote and a priesthood confirmation blessing. This again is recorded both on earth and in heaven.

Entering a membership covenant of a consecrated united order comes under the principles of an authoritative priesthood marriage and becomes subject to faithfulness standards and all accompanied adulteration penalties, should there be serious betrayal.

Many Christians have no concept that the normal outward shape or profile of a mature Christian congregation or Messianic covenant body of Yeshua IS a: Consecrated United Order:
    The word "Consecrated' reflects that the membership lives the baptismal principle by putting their all upon the altar of Yeshua, both temporal and spiritual, and that their material loyalty is to the order. If there are none established, the disciple has still consecrated all he has to the building of the Kingdom of God, as the Holy Spirit calls upon him or her to manage their own stewardship.
    The word 'United' is the tone of the entire body of Messiah. We are to become 'one' in heart, in mind and purpose.
    'Order' is in many ways maintained by Divine authority by means of ceremonies for confirming the faith and the ceremony of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
    It is organized after patriarchal patterns and stewardship. There are no maverick members, all have at least one clearly defined relationship bond or allegiance. A single woman or a single man has either a husband, father or priesthood head. There are no orphans in Zion. All patriarchal relationships are sacred and come under the blessing that, "Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the Earth."

The overall Order is governed by Patriarchal authority through a governing council and a patriarch. All spiritual related matters, ordinances and ceremonies are administered by MP and all temporal or Kingdom related matters, ordinances and ceremonies are administered by the LP:
    (1) the legislative authority is a council of family heads;
    (2) the executive authority is in the office of the patriarch and quorums of family heads; and
    (3) the judicial is handled by a high council over issues that the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper has not auto settled.
    The Sacrament is not a renewal of the baptismal covenant as most have been taught. There is re-baptism to cover that need. The Sacrament is a renewal of the Order membership covenant. Unworthy partaking is defined under standards and agreements of unity held within the Order, it does not concern itself so much with private sin, unless such indiscretions affect the Order. Private sin is a matter between self and one's patriarchal head and not a matter of public concern. (Those in the Restoration who thought they are to confess their personal sins in open meeting are mistaken, the context is United Order and if one has committed things that harmed the unity or prosperity of the Order, they are to confess those before they partake of the Sacrament.) Any who may deliberately secretly betray Order trust are dealt with by the Spirit when they partake of the Sacrament unworthily.
    A written 'Recommend' is for Order members who visit and have need to participate at a different Order community than where their membership is held and for Temple attendance if the opportunity arises, as the keepers of the Temple congregation constitute a separate consecrated united order.
    All this can be found in the latter day revelations of the Bible of Ephraim, the D&C.

Karma is one of the cardinal Attributes of God. The purpose of repentance being the first order of business for an initiate in the Gospel is to clear all possible negativity weighing down on the initiate in the event he or she will soon join an order. Obviously there are other reasons to clear oneself of sin. However, our Lord is all about establishing congregations of consecrated members in order to establish Zion and build the Kingdom of God in preparation for the global baptism by fire. In establishing such orders, He is interested in not burdening them with new members who have unsettled disputes, or who are wanted by police or bill collectors. For obvious reasons, if you have a lot of debts, enemies, and otherwise burdensome conditions waiting to come back to roost, it is best to clear them as much as possible before applying for membership in a Messianic order. The authorized ministry also exists to see that is taken care of before laying there hands on a new initiate to confirm them a member. They are to not lay their hands quickly on new initiates by making them Order members before a review of any negative karma can be evaluated.

The divine attributes of Stewardship, Association and Karma are all in play when the membership becomes aware of a new member or an advancement of an existing member, such as marriage. It is each member's Stewardship to know if a new member is truly embracing the principle of baptism or discipleship or a new marriage is truly built by God. Instead of each member praying for a personal revelation for each new bond, a faithful ministry indicates his personal witness when the member is authoritatively confirmed. With dozens of new members or bonds coming about, the body can keep good Stewardship through the services of the ministry. The Attribute of Association is in play as all members should have an interest in preventing improper members and uninspired marriages in their midst, as it would pollute Zion. Zion must be built by revelation and the work of the Father. If pollutions are allowed in, all members suffer by Association. The ministry exists to guard against the Order inheriting negative karma through the introduction of membership pollution and the acceptance of improper bonds and unknown and unacceptable negative karma. The consecrated society takes seriously their ability to learn how to exist each day blameless before God and Eternal karma. Ordained ministry is an indispensable safeguard.
    Since order is maintained by the ministry confirming all bonds/relationships, how could it possibly work with self appointed ministers with diverse perspectives? The entire community trust collapses with whimsical self appointments. When God calls the original ministry and all subsequent ministry is linked to original authority, the community can be confident that priesthood ceremonies confirming the faith are valid and the community is maintaining Messianic integrity.

Again, the Eternal Attribute of 'Stewardship' reflects the need for ministerial authority. By virtue of 'Stewardship' God requires Himself to make a full accounting of all of His creation. Records of ministerial service have a part in determining Stewardship faithfulness. Every son or daughter created, is His Stewardship, from the moment of creation thereafter. He will give each person every chance to prosper and become all that Creation intended possible. The Heavenly records of the ministry will show each and every advantage given to every person. Mortals will not even be aware of most of such blessings. Supposedly once a person has reached full potential they will need less of God's crisis-oriented attention. Should a person choose rebellion, at every moment there will be angels standing by to rescue those who cry out for help. If they choose total destruction, God will still deserve honor for being a faithful Steward having made a full accounting of doing everything possible to save His creation. Of course the one choosing destruction may not agree because he or she may never have cried out for and accepted God's help.

A look at the three realms or dimensions that concern the Plan of Redemption will round out this look at the Divine authority. The earth is in the lower dimension, the telestial/mortal realm, in order for its inhabitants to survive the transition from this realm to the next or paradisaical dimension, the earth must be prepared to receive the influx of higher frequency energy waves soon to reach maximus. It is through the administration of the LP that the lands are prepared and sanctified and the people are consecrated that will facilitate ease of survival. When in the paradisaical dimension, the earth will be offered principles of purification, mainly focused on intent and global harmony in preparation for the next transition from paradisaical to the celestial dimension. Upon arrival to the celestial, the earth and its inhabitants will be governed as full patriarchal societies, with ministerial priesthoods remaining to govern the heavenly Church and Kingdom. Genuine ministry is required to teach the Plan and perform the confirmatory ceremonies all along this path of progression.

God doesn't have an all volunteer core of self appointed well meaning sergeants. His order is tightly designed and irreducibly simple for the departments and tasks at hand. Just as no unclean thing can enter His presence, only those called by revelations and legally ordained will be standing in His places of angelic service. If we are not interested in learning His order of things in this life it is highly unlikely we will be ready to function in places of responsibility in His realms of many mansions and untold glory. God is in no rush, He is not desperate for willing helping employees. We can experience many lives until we finally appreciate that God is a God of Order and we must be invited and duly ordained to help in certain critical programs.

This concludes this review of the four Divine authorities. Beyond this there is the discussion of the three legitimate modes of government available for use by these four authorities. These will not be discussed at this time, but they are the pure forms of: Monarchy, Patriarchy and Autocracy. However here are a few clues: Monarchy does not belong on earth, it is more a mode of government between those of a higher dimension to those of a lower dimension. The U.S. Constitutional form of government is somewhat patterned after the true Patriarchal mode, which is the approved primary mode of governance in all dimensions. Autocratic modes are for limited durations and/or limited parameters and should only exist under Patriarchal supervision. Be looking for the article entitled "Patriarchal Mannafesta".

I wish to offer my humble witness that Yeshua Messiah is our living Lord, the Son of the Living God and promised Savior of the World. He is most meek in all communications. He is all powerful and all knowing yet possessing boundless love and acceptance of every individual. In His presence, He is the most manly man. He is the hero of all the greatest and true heroes that have ever walked this planet. He has all the answers for every situation.
    He is unwavering in principle and unceasing in patience. He is in possession of all the virtues and power of a perfected exalted God and His revealed and unabridged covenant principles will verily refine a faithful people far more efficiently than any other discipline. His exalting curriculum is an everlasting covenant that cannot be changed. His path is of the greatest simplicity, far superior to anything imaginable, perfectly designed to produce the quickest and greatest results.
    Seek Him and your life will have renewal, your heart will have joy, your mind will have peace, your body will have life, your attitude will be right, and great rewards will accompany you in this life and maximum happiness in the hereafter.
    What is there to fear by seeking Messiah? What is it you may stand to loose should you seek Messiah? None of it is yours anyway. The only thing that is yours is your soul and your free will. You really cannot put your income source, your possessions, your opinions, your titles, your friends and family on the altar, they are not yours. All you have is your reproachful soul and your will, that you can offer to Messiah, and sacrifice on the altar. Nevertheless, turn it ALL over to Messiah as soon as you gain the courage, if you truly desire Eternal Life, the greatest gift that God can give to mankind. Choose to kneel before Father in Heaven and turn your sins and your talents over to God. Give it all to Him and become clay in His hands and He may choose to lead you through a miraculous change. He may choose to come into your life and cleanse you of all sin. He may choose to set you in order and place you on His path. Then you will know that your walk is pleasing to God and productive to your own soul. And you will have traded pennies for the pearl of great price. I pray this will be your experience, more sooner than later....
        May our Lord continue to bless you.


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