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PatriArticle 13
C H A R I T Y     R E I G N S     S U P R E M E
The sanctification of all temporal with the purification of all intent,
is the ideal of true charity,
and the sum of all the enlightened.
The key to our survival as a people, against all dispicable mortal threats and fearful catclysmic events, lies in our applying a certain required level of godly love, and attaining to the grace of having the name (claim) of Lord Yeshua placed upon us. He does not defend just any people, regardless of how much money they have or how many member millions they represent, who haphazardly profess His name (without implimenting the conditions) and who may carelessly label their pile of nicely stacked materials: a temple. He will defend His people, who do impliment His conditions, who He has called and claimed with His name; and only occasionally offer minimal assistance to all other wannabees. The key to having His name; is having just one acceptable House where His Father can visit and be seated in the midst of the faithful (read: covenant keepers). The key to attaining that; is by the accomplishment of the faithful in sanctifying the land under the United Order and the Constitution of the Kingdom of God, while each disciple applies that level of Gospel consecration he or she is called and capable of living. It's not rocket science, but it is a simple, distinct, singular, required and un-substitutable formula taught by Father Yehovah, Lord Yeshua and Yoseph Testator; and proven by Enoch, Melchizedek, and others.
This supreme Attribute comprehends all attributes of God. It acknowledges, nurtures and enjoys a oneness or loving kinship with: our heavenly Parents, with Creation and all mankind, as with our own person. Love is at the heart of all true principle and is made most profound, through the ages, in the lives of the truly enlightened.

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength and Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." (BOJ.Mtt2:37-39)

As we love with our "strength" we love with our material stewardship, we make it available to the directives of our Lord. If we are highly favored we are given the opportunity to consecrate our material stewardship within a united order in Zion. When our material world is consecrated to the Lord under the constitution of the Kingdom of God, it becomes sanctioned and we as a faithful and wise steward become sanctified. At that point Messiah can place His name upon a gathering of His people. With the name of Messiah placed upon a community of faithful, they qualify for the protection of the Kingdom of God and Lord Yeshau is their righteousness. The whole matter is completely unrelated to personal or group perfection.

As we love with our "might" we purify ourselves by living a level of true principles best suited for each at their own place in progression, and in doing so, we eliminate obvious unholy and selfish attitudes. Our intent becomes purified, and therefore we, while not perfect, have become purified.

As we love with our "mind" we fill our heads with abundant truth and we begin to see 'eye to eye' with higher intelligences. Our intellect becomes enlightened, set in order and empowered to envision personal and collective objectives that reflect a love for all mankind.

As we love with our "heart" we center our emotional attachments on virtuous images related to our own stewardship and those related to the building of Zion. Our feeling of love abounds in us toward God and all mankind.

The faithful focus their sharp intellect and their deep emotions into a vibratory feeling that is broadcast by their heart. This is a real action. It is more of an action than chopping wood or baking a cake. It forms the actions by which the Attribute of Attraction is defined. As we consistently send out heart vissions for both our own stewardship and for Zion, we are bringing the same toward us. As we live a consecrated life in our small circle we are all the more able to broadcast the vission of ideal Messianic living to the entire world.

It will not be by the force of arms that the enemies of God will be haulted. The principles of the fullness of the Gospel are given to exercise the faithful in the level of love necessary to overcome all evil. As the Gospel is applied in daily living, by numbers of disciples, the broadcast of peace and truthful living in being attracted while those who are adverse become more and more frustrated.

The object of love is the fulfillment of the measure of one's creation and the establishment of Zion by the consecration of the land under the contract of the Kingdom of God? It is done by sanctifying, purifying and loving God, ourself and all mankind.
which is the sum of all the law and the prophets.

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